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Travel to Germany to see these 10 Best Museums

Germany is a country of rich history, diversity, tradition, and culture. It has a very rich history of native civilization, as well as Roman settlements, which is now the center of attraction for locals and tourists. With the evolution of civilization and culture, development of artistic aptitude, economic prosperity and academic curiosity, Germans are able to develop their landmarks into some of the best museums in the world. Traveling to Germany to see their best museums is a great trip to plan. So for this reason, we are going to discuss the 10 best museums in the land East of Rhine.

Germany – The land of infinite Museums

Today, Germany has more than 6,200 museums all over the country. They cover almost every topic that you can imagine. Each city is loaded with tens and hundreds of unique Museums, and it will make you indecisive in choosing which museum to visit. Although you can always pick random places on the map, or be more convenient with your choice. However, we recommend you to draw a significance of museums and then decide which is worthy of your time and visit. For this reason, we have listed some of the best museums in Germany that can help you make up your mind and decide which museum to visit.

Gain an intuition to different traditional and cultural ages in Germany and admire how much this country has to show you. You can learn about science and technology, history, art, war, Warcraft, animal kingdom, fossils and much more by visiting these full of knowledge houses. German museums are entertaining, inspiring, and informative and open for all ages. So read this article, and stay tuned for more on The Travel Blog. This platform provides the best content on travelling.

Germanisches National Museum

The German National Museum is located in Nurnberg. It is Germany’s largest art and culture museum and its collection consist of millennia-old artifacts. You can find common paintings, sculptures, crafts, textiles, weaponry of different ages, a scientific instrument from different ages and other significant things. This museum is considered as a one-stop shop for history associated with Germany, and for this reason, it is topping our today’s list.

Deutsches Museum

Deutsches Museum is located in the metropolitan city of Munich. This museum curates the work of science, technology, and astronomy, leaving paintings, sculptures, and fossils behind. This museum is a perfect place to bring your children as its experimental workshop allows them to explore and study physics, chemistry and other disciplines of science and technology. This certainly is a place to find some inspiration into scientific knowledge. You can also roam around natural science, energy, humanity, and transport and communications section.

Mercedes-Benz Museum

Mercedes-Benz Museum is located in Stuttgart Germany. It is a perfect place for everyone regardless of their age, gender and priorities. Everyone love cars and this museum have plenty of them. When we talk about the history of cars, we are indirectly talking about the history of Mercedes-Benz, as they are the most respected and technologically advanced car manufacturer in the world. This museum covers more than 16,500 square meters and it has over 160 vehicles and 1500 reveals for everyone to witness.

International Maritime Museum

International Maritime Museum is an amazing place to visit for all the boat lovers. This museum includes over 40,000 pieces of construction plans, maritime art, uniforms, model ships and 3,000 years old pit canoe. It also houses the private collection of Peter Tamm, which he started to collect when he was no older than 6 years.

Gutenberg Museum

Gutenberg Museum is located in Mainz. It has an actual model of original Bible from mid-15th century along with other significant books and artifacts.

Museum fur Naturkunde

Museum fur Naturkunde has over 30 million items on display. Known as the Natural History Museum, it is located in Berlin and has something for everyone, making it a must visit the museum on your bucket list. For kids, there are skeletons of dinosaurs, including the world’s largest skeleton. They also house other fossils of extinct animals along with a Tasmanian tiger. Enter the dinosaur age by visiting this amazing museum.

National Museum of Contemporary German History

This museum displays German exhibits from the cold war era. It focuses on Germany from 1945 to the present-day. It has over 75,000 political cartoons, documents related to Oskar Schindler and even the Chancellor’s residence.

Ballinstadt Emigration Museum

Ballinstadt Emigration Museum displays what it was like for the people of Russia, Poland, and Germany who emigrated from their European lands to New World for a chance at developing a new life. From the 1850s to 1930s, more than 5 million people relocated from Germany alone. This museum shoes us about the stress, diseases, and difficulties those immigrants had to face before even getting on to their vessels for transportation.

Altes Museum

Located in Berlin, this museum offers an even impressive assortment of Roman and Greek relics and remains. Visit this museum if you want a sneak peek into the golden period of rich European history. You will never regret going there as it will provide you with an amazing opportunity to enhance your knowledge of the history of Germany.

Museum Island

Museum Island is not a single museum. Basically, it is an island that has a lot of museums on it. It is the name of the Northern part of central Mitte District of Berlin in the old city of Colln. All the museums on this island are culturally and historically significant. You can visit The Altes Museum, The Neues Museum, The Bode Museum, The Pergamon Museum, The Humboldt Museum, and more. This island is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site, so visiting it is a must for every traveler.

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