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Make The Most Of the Coast With This Guide To The World’s Beaches

There are thousands and thousands of miles of coastline around the world. Our coastlines provide pleasant walks, exhilarating hikes, sandy beaches, and intense water sports. They are beautiful, rugged, and wild. And humans have been drawn to them since the beginning of time. Even now, a seaside vacation tops the list of favorite ways to take a break. Here are just a few of the most interesting beaches you might explore across our little planet:

The aptly named Glass Beach on the Mendocino coast of California is one of the prettiest and revolting beaches you can find! The beauty comes from what you might find absolutely awful about it. The decades of abandoned litter have been shaped by the rolling waves and tides. It’s created an incredible range of colors to decorate the pebbles here. Broken glass has been smoothed and shaped in the water to create an amazingly beautiful array of decorative glass pebbles. The nasty waste was removed long ago, but the glass pebbles are now preserved for all to enjoy.

The beaches near Mumbai offer some of the most culturally interesting hangouts you might come across. People work here, vacation here, play here, beg here, and fish here. It is an extraordinary mix of lives that use the beaches of Mumbai. For richly diverse and interesting people-watching you can’t get much better. Of course, when the weather is good, you can also enjoy lazing on the beach yourself. Best of all, you’re in the city with access to all the other fun vacation things you might need.

For the ultimate peaceful lagoon type of beach, you need to head to the Playa Flamenco in Puerto Rico. Turquoise waters that are warm and inviting gently caress the white sandy beach. Tropical palms wave in the soft breeze, providing just enough shade when you need it. There is little else here, so you need to be a true beach lover to enjoy the excellent sunbathing you can get here.

Hidden Beach in the Marietas Islands gets its name because it is only accessible by water. This is because the beach is underground! It is thought to have been created by a bomb exploding during military testing, but the folklore is fun to discover too. You can usually find a boat transport to bring you here, and it is definitely worth it. An extraordinary place that you simply won’t believe exists until you see it for yourself.

Runswick beach in England is one of those quaint and picturesque little places that authors describe in romantic novels. Sure, it’s not as warm as the Seychelles, but it has all the charm and interest that you could be looking for. You’ll find cream teas and fish and chip suppers nearby after a day of playing and wading on this beach. Great for family fun and fabulous photography too.

Whatever you’re looking for in a coastal holiday, you can find it. Whether it’s something wild or romantic, or maybe just warm and lazy, it’s out there. Where will your next coastal retreat be?

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