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How to Spend Your Honeymoon in a Bali Hotel

Are you a newlywed couple, or are you planning to get married and soon go for your honeymoon? Bali is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Indonesia. Spending your honeymoon in a Bali hotel perfects the celebration of a new life with tranquil and relaxing beach experiences that are impeccable for private and affectionate conversations about the future.

Most Bali hotels are set along pristine beaches of the turquoise and deep blue Indian and Pacific Oceans. These hotels provide you with a serene view of a glittering water surface at dusk and remarkable diving and snorkeling experiences in the morning.

The weather in Bali is also great. The warm climate guarantees that the only outfit you need when leaving your hotel honeymoon Bali suite is a beach suit unless you have planned to spice up your experience with a few romantic dinners and nature trail walks inland. 

Fun Activities to Do on Your Honeymoon

There are many fun and romantic activities you can do on your honeymoon besides sharing moments of passion. Here are a few ideas:

Romantic Photography Tours

There is no greater way to create lasting memories of your honeymoon and immortalize your love than having a private romantic photographic tour with your love. Getting a professional photographer could help you conceptualize memorable moments in varying amazing locations and unique outfit ideas. Some of the backdrops available for you include old shrines that convey centuries of an enrichened culture, tropical seascapes, and beautiful lush nature trails.


Bali has had a rich art and cultural heritage over the centuries. Having your honeymoon in Bali, therefore, gives you impressive sunset views on the western coast of the island and liven your experiences with cultural and historical sites. A Monkey forest, Taman Ayun temple, or Tanah Lot trip will take you to some of Bali’s most iconic historical and cultural landmarks.

A Romantic Aristocratic Cruise

There is something about sailing the high seas that inspires romance. Although the cruise ships often have other couples, there are plenty of private spaces for you to enjoy a romantic dinner or private moments of stargazing at the nude sky. It could be the serene 5-course dinner setting on the deck, relaxing spa treatments in the evening, spectacular sunsets over drinks and canapés, or a cocktail. Whatever the draw is for you, this romantic, aristocratic cruise sets the perfect mood for a romantic moment that is impossible to forget.

Massage Lessons and Private Yoga Classes

While honeymoon is a once or twice lifetime experience, health and fitness is a lifestyle that need not be abandoned in a moment of excitement. Having your honeymoon in Bali gives you the advantage of strengthening your physique while at the same time having fun with your love.

The yoga classes are set up in a serene Zen garden that allows you to discover Indonesia’s most ancient acupressure and massage secrets for couples. The yoga instructor customizes the class to fit your experience as a couple, building strength and flexibility for a long-lasting and healthy relationship. 

Horseback Riding

One of the cornerstones of marriage is the doubtless assurance that your partner has your back at all times. And riding on horseback as a couple actuates this feeling, especially if one of you is a novice at horseback riding. Riding on horseback as a couple through the lush rice field and green terraces lined with bamboo trees spins visual memory and a lasting haptic memory of that exhilarating moment.

Bottom Line

There are many outdoor and indoor activities you can do on your honeymoon in Bali to have an unforgettable experience. You need to make a list of the activities you want to do and look for a honeymoon hotel in Bali that will best enable you to tick off everything on your to-do list.

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