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Luxury African safari – know Africa’s best kept travel secret

Increasingly more people around the world are choosing safari trips over exclusive travel spots surrounded by luxury and high-end resorts. Interestingly enough, Africa can offer both; there are lots of luxury safari lodges spread around this beautiful country, and just like that travelers can enjoy an amazing experience surrounded by the “big five” while also sipping margaritas on the terrace of a 5 star villa. Today’s modern traveler thrives for travel spots that are off the beaten path. Africa can cater to their needs; better yet, it can offer packages that exceed all their expectations.

Lake Malawi

Malawi is Africa’s hidden jewel. Accessible, safe and packed with a wealth of surreal attractions, Malawi is the ideal place to admire while exploring the African continent. Located in sub-Saharan Africa, and nestled between Mozambique and Zambia, Malawi’s tourism is incredibly developed. The infra-structure is well-developed and the accommodation and dining facilities are numerous. Make your pick and enjoy the experience to the fullest. Featuring well-stocked safari retreats, verdant tea estates, and diversified mountain treks, Malawi is without a doubt impressive. Make sure to include Lake Malawi on your itinerary. The secluded sandy beaches, numerous water activities, and overall scenery will ensure that your travel experience remains memorable.

Madagascar – Ankarana National Park

Madagascar is a thing of beauty. Home to the famous lemur and surrounded by astonishing landscapes, this place will transform your African adventure into a unforgettable experience. The Ankarana National Park packs lots of interesting attractions, including bizarre rock formations, bat-filled and crocodile-filled caves and lots of trekking sites for adventurous travelers. The dense forests and almost 100 species of birds make the park truly spectacular. The treks lead to superb viewpoints, although to reach in the center of the park you are advised to hire a tour guide. The best time of the year to explore Madagascar is from the months of April to November.

Tanzania – Singita Grumeti

Tanzania is a trekker’s paradise, and Singita Grumeti is Africa’s most famous wildlife estate. Connected to the famous Serengeti reserve, this place should be explored in June when tourists will be able to admire the wildebeest migration. The classic Singita landscapes are surrounded by wide grass oceans and flat thorn trees. In terms of accommodation, tourist can lodge in at the Singita Lodge & Sabora, an old-fashioned but comfortable camp with everything you need for an unforgettable African adventure.


South Africa – Royal Malewane

South Africa is famous for its up-beat safari lodges, diverse wildlife and exciting activities. Leaving Table Mountain and the Cape Winelands aside, we should mention that one of the country’s finest reserves is Royal Malewane. Located in a private reserve known as Thornybush, this resort is within the famous Kruger national park where travelers will have the unique opportunity to admire the Big Five – buffalos, rhinos, lions, elephants and leopards. The thrill of the chase and the wildlife scenery of this place are absolutely incredible. There are lots of luxurious suits on site, as well as comfortable lodges and camp sites for those on a budget.

Namibia – Etosha National Park

Namibia is increasing in popularity thanks to its rugged coastlines, stark beauty, and evolving landscapes. In terms of travel destinations, Etosha National Park is without a doubt the most notable. The tallest elephants in Africa can be admired here, as well as a wide variety of cheetahs, rhinos, and big cats. Among some of the best activities that can be enjoyed while here, we should mention self-drive ad guides safaris, up-beat trekking trails, as well as the most incredible sceneries. Those looking for an exclusive accommodation facility should turn their attention to the Onguma Treetop Camp, a place that is literally built among treetops. The panoramic view of the park is breathtaking from the top.


Botswana – Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park is Africa’s most notable game reserve. The majority live close to the river in the Okavango Delta; the treks are quite accessible for newbie travelers and the locals are particularly welcoming with tourists. Chobe is famous for its endangered species of brown hyenas, wild dogs, and cheetahs. The most engaging activity is the water safari, an activity that permits voyageurs to admire Africa’s wildlife from a boat. Visit San Bushmen, a traditional village where you can meet the locals, get to know more about their culture and taste their original dishes. Great accommodation can be found at the Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero Lodge, where travelers are welcomed with gourmet food, undisturbed views, a relaxing spa, and other great amenities.

Get to know Africa and explore its most hidden and upbeat safaris. Make your pick and prepare yourself to benefit from an unforgettable experience!

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