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11 Most Popular December Global Holidays

We all look forward to festivals and holidays. They bring cheer to our normal and boring life. Festivals and holidays bring happiness and celebration into our lives. Every country in the world has its own festivals and holidays. Different significance is added to all of these. Every festival has its own importance. Without festivals, our lives would be boring and even meaningless. There are many December Global Holidays and now we will discuss them. So, festivals are very important for all of us. 

Festivals are celebrated throughout it the year but the month of December is very special for everyone. Many festivals and holidays fall into this month. There is a mood of celebration all around the world. Everyone looks forward to this month every year. During the month of December, we have Christmas, which is the biggest festival of the year. It is celebrated with much enthusiasm and energy around the globe. Everyone looks forward to this beautiful festival. It is followed by New Year, which is again celebrated all around the globe with much fun and enthusiasm. 

In the month of December, we have other festivals and holidays as well which makes it even more special. So, this month is the favorite of everyone because of the large number of holidays and festivalsThe various December Global Holidays are.



The most important holiday and festival of December month is Christmas. It is the most important festival for Christians. It is celebrated on the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ. On this day, people celebrate with their family and friends. They exchange gifts with each other. The celebration of Christmas goes on for many days. It is then followed by New Year celebrations.


Another important festival that is celebrated in the month of December is Hannukah. This festival has great significance for Jewish people. It is celebrated to mark the recovery of Jerusalem and the rededication of the Second Temple at Jerusalem. It is a festival that is celebrated for eight days by the jews.

Santa Lucia

It is a festival that is celebrated in the honor of Saint Lucia. It is mainly celebrated in Sweden, Norway, and the Swedish-speaking areas. This day is celebrated to honor the martyrdom of Santa Lucia and a procession is taken out in which girls dress as Santa Lucia carrying cookies and saffron buns. Even boys take part in it.

St. Nicholas days

Santa Nicholas was martyred for helping Christians but this day is celebrated as a symbol of hope and light. It is celebrated by sharing gifts, cookies, chocolates, and other items among people. It is one of the important holidays and festivals of December Global Holidays.



It is a festival that is celebrated by African-Americans every year during the month of December. It is celebrated as an alternative to Christmas from 26 Dec-1 Jan. This was started by Maulana Karenga in 1966 so that blacks could have a separate festival of their own giving them a separate identity.

Winter Solstice

It is another day that is celebrated in the month of December. It is a day on which nights are longer than the day and marks the change in time of day and night. Days start becoming longer on this day and nights become shorter. It is celebrated on 22nd December every year where people celebrate with their family and friends.


It is a holiday that is celebrated on 23rd December every year. It is a kind of protest in which people reject the commercialization that is attached to the Christmas season. This holiday is observed by quite a number of people but many are also against it.


It is a Japanese holiday and festival. It can be considered as a new year’s celebration in which people welcome the new year with celebrations and parties. Traditionally it was celebrated by completing important activities like paying debt, cleaning, etc so that people can be free on this day to celebrate and start the New Year on a fresh note.

Boxing Day

Boxing Day

It is another important festival that is celebrated in the month of December. Only a few countries celebrate it. When this festival started it helped poor people by providing them with different things. But now it has become a public holiday which is celebrated by conducting football matches and races. In Ireland, it is celebrated as St. Stephen’s Day.


It is a holiday and festival that is celebrated by Germans around the world. It is also known by the name of Yuletide. This festival starts from the winter solstice and continues till the 1st of January. It is usually traced back to Norse god Odin.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve

All the festivals and holidays end in the New Year. Festivals and holidays usually start from the festival of Christmas from 25 Dec to 1st Jan. This gives people ample time to celebrate and enjoy themselves. This creates the best atmosphere and vibe for celebration. People usually part on this day and then welcome the New Year with hope and positivity.

Ending Note

So, these are some important festivals and days of December month which makes it very special and full of celebration. December is celebrated as a festival month because everyone wants to end the year on a high note. People work hard throughout the year. They need some break and celebration in their life. That break and celebration are provided by the month of December.

Due to this reason, December Global Holidays are so important for all of us. Everyone looks forward to it. It gives us all the time to celebrate with our families and friends. So, December month is the most important part of the year.

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