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Planning a Romantic Trip with Your Partner

Spending some quality time with your partner is always important, and if you have both been separated in recent months due to the pandemic, you might even be counting the days until you get to see each other again. A great way to reconnect with each other and avoid the distractions of daily life is by taking a long weekend away together, or even an extended break over one or two weeks. If you’re ready to escape to somewhere new with your partner, here are a few tips to help you plan your trip.

Pick a Quiet Season

One of the best things about going away with your partner is enjoying some downtime with each other, but choosing to take your break during peak holiday seasons might make for a slightly less relaxing time. If you want things to move at a slower pace when you’re on your break together, try to book it during quieter seasons, so you have a bit more privacy and don’t have to deal with the stress of overcrowded hotels, planes, beaches, or city streets. Another benefit of going during the quieter seasons is that usually, the prices of flights and accommodation are a lot cheaper.

Find Fun Things to Do Together

Research your destination and find out what activities are available in the area that is suitable for couples. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the cheesy couples’ massages or cooking classes (unless you both love that sort of thing), but are there any areas of natural beauty you can explore together for a day? Are there any chic bars you can sip on cocktails in after dinner? Perhaps there are more adventurous activities like water sports or hikes you can sign up for? There are plenty of websites that can help you find out more about your destination and offer you a unique insight, but a great, authoritative option is Mr Hudson Explores.

Try to Limit the Use of Tech

In the modern age, we rely on a lot of smart technology to help us manage our daily routines, but while this is great in some ways, it can also result in us absent-mindedly scrolling through newsfeeds or looking up random things when there is a lull in the conversation. Don’t let tech ruin your quality time with each other, and try to limit how much you use it during your time away. Taking a few snaps on your phone is fine, or using the maps app to help you explore, but put your phones away when you’re having dinner or even enjoying a coffee at a café, and just watch the world go by together.


Finding things to do is a great way to make some fun memories with each other, but don’t let your itinerary dominate your holiday. Take a more casual approach to things, seeing how you feel when you wake up and decide if that’s the day you want to do some sightseeing, or whether you’d both rather lounge by the pool. This will help both of you unwind and ultimately enjoy your holiday together even more.

Make your next romantic getaway with your partner extra special, and use these tips to help you plan it.

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