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World Heritage Day – Some Renowned Monuments Around the World [Interactive Storymap]

The date of 18TH April is known as the World Heritage Day. This day is dedicated to the places holding a remarkable position in the development of the history of certain places.

Today might be these places are just a tourist attraction for the people visiting here. However, these places inculcate the rise and fall of the some of the greatest empire of the world. They have preserved an unforgettable and undeniable part of the history in the very base of the edifices.

History of these monuments depicts the pioneer in engineering, determination and marvelous architecture which took the empire years ahead of their time.

This story map is a small token of salute to the magnificence, hard work and dedication of the engineers of that time who made these wonders alive and gave us the glimpse of their sheer intelligence and visions.

Some of the monuments in this map are the symbol of hard work, such as the Great Wall of China, Love, in the beauty of pearl white Taj Mahal. Huge and Great Pyramids of Giza which shows that if you are determined, you can create wonders with the minimum resource available. For more information visit

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