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Why travel?

Today the world can be thought as a small village. Moving from one part to another part is not a big deal these days.  People working in the corporate world often lead a stressful and monotonous life.  They keep searching for any vacations and when they get it they just jump into it with their full might. Travelling is therapy for them. Then there are many businessmen who operate at a worldwide level. For these businessmen hopping from one continent to another is just a routine work. Then the job seekers apply for various jobs and are always ready to go to work in any country that provides very good payment. The student fraternity always targets the developed countries to go there and apply for higher studies so that they have better chances to land the best job after completion of studies. Then there are religious travellers who travel for the sake of pilgrimage and getting peace.

Our ancestors had travelled a lot in the old days to discover new countries and islands. Many countries were created many were destroyed in wars. All these things were happening because people were not sticking to one place for the entire life. It is known that there was a time when people were like nomads who used to go from one place to another. Alexander travelled all around the world and tried to win it. Whatever may be the reason for travelling, we as human beings always have a curiosity to know new places, new people and new lifestyles. We always have this inherent tendency to meet different people leading a different lifestyle, having a different food habit. This urge to know about the different is also the reason for us to travel across boundaries.

Anything that is interesting to human beings they are going to do it repeatedly. Travelling is very popular and thus has taken the shape of business for many business providers who find opportunity in providing travel related services. So the travel and tours industries have evolved and it is growing by leaps and bounds. With the advent of the internet era, we are seeing a large number of travel and tours companies having their online presence. Travelling is an activity that can fill your body, mind and soul with freshness and long lasting beautiful memories.

In the past, the great leader and thought leaders have travelled a lot and lived in many parts of the world. The more you travel the more you see the world, the more you see the more you learn, the more you learn the most knowledgeable become and the knowledgeable always command respect in the mankind. Travel to improve your vision and your understanding about life. As the experiences of life are our best teachers similarly travelling is a great teacher for all of us. We should never miss any chance to travel in our lives. Travel to new destinations, taste new foods, meet people of different cultures, learn about their lifestyles and become wise. When you grow old you will be able to tell stories to you grandchildren about different places that you visited, so travel often.

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