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Why I like to go Hawaii island again

Hawaii is the largest island of the united’s famous for beaches, and biking, volcanoes part, and many other interesting things. I have seen the crease for the Hawaii island among various people, yet I did not understand that why people like to again and again until and unless I get a chance to go there.

Last year, I and my friends plan a tour to Hawai island. We booked three flight ticket from Virginia to Honolulu.  We all reach on the decided day on the airport to catch the flight. It was a 10-hour long flight yet we finally landed in Hawaii.

Our flight landed at Kona International airport in Kona to the west.we were having 5 days to explore the Hawaii island, but it seems quite less as we have seen and a observe the beauty of how.there is a lot of adventure, fun and joyful thing to do in Hawaii. The Hawaii culture has its roots from around 300AD and they are settlers from Polynesia. So, the culture smells unique in their tradition and lifestyle.

Welcome in traditional Hawaiian style

The people have Hawaii island welcomed you with a traditional flower lei and later I go to my room. My room was quite good and offering a view of Waikiki beach from my balcony of my room. After relaxing some for some time we all went to island sight seeing. It was a great pleasure to see crystal clear water and white sandy beaches.

Sacred art of hula

It was a grand evening for everyone who comes to Hawaii when you get a chance a watch hula dancer wrapped in a the-leaf  skirt and colorful tapa. Along with hula, I got hear chantings relating stories from ancient times and the feats of god and goddesses.

Volcano national park and Maui sight seeing

This is really amazing view. Here you can see the beauty of the volcanic landscape. You need to travel through the small villages to reach there. You can walk where lava was flowing at many years ago. An after the volcano national park, you must go a sightseeing tour of Maui. Here you will see snorkeling off coral reefs or you can go on a submarine trip. A whale watching cruise is also organized seasonally.

Maui is the best place for relaxation. I spend a half day in making spa under nature with warm tropical sunshine on the beach.usually, every hotel and resort offer spa facilities, but if there is not then you can go outside and enjoy it. Later I go to the farmers market and enjoyed the food offered by local farmers. The farmer’s market is very famous as here you will get a chance to eat food offered by local farmers.

There are many other activities too that you can enjoy in Hawaii like you can go on a helicopter tour and enjoyed the view of hidden waterfalls and fresh lava flows. You can go to manta-ray night dive, scuba diving, star gazing and swimming with dolphins.

I Knew The Answer That Why People Like To Go Hawaii Again And Again

There are endless lists of adventurous activities you can do here. The pace is loved by all, whether you are a family, couple, honeymoon or with friends. You will enjoy your stay in Hawaii in every way.

It was a five-day tour, but I enjoyed like five seasons. Now I understood that why people like to go Hawaii island.

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