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When to go in Jamaica

Though Jamaica is known for her great weather all year round, there are certain times to visit that might suit your vacation needs better than another time. This is generally due to what you’re looking to get out of your vacation. If you’re looking to spend most of your time in the water, then the summer and fall months are best. If you’re looking for a warm escape from the cold, but rather skip the rainy summer days, then winter and early spring are more up your alley. But there’s more to look at as well, including low and high season at a Jamaica resort. To help you better understand what time of the year you should plan your next Jamaican vacation for, here’s some advice on when to visit the beautiful island of Jamaica.

Best weather months

Though lots of people will claim that the best weather months are during the months of November through February, this is all relative. If you rather spend your time in the heat and don’t mind a quick rain shower or two in the afternoon, you’ll actually find that summer serves as the best time of year to visit. This is also the time when the ocean is at its best, creating lots of fun opportunities to snorkel, scuba dive and enjoy one of the island’s many water sports. If you rather stick to temperatures ranging in the 70s and 80s, then you’ll find winter and spring, as well as late fall to be the best weather months.

Escaping the cold

Those who live their year in a northern, colder climate will find that they may wish to book their flight down south during the winter months. This is when Jamaica sees its highest amount of visitors, so you’ll find yourself in good company. Because of this however, you’ll also find that outside of major holidays sprinkled throughout the rest of the year, hotels and resorts up their nightly rate, creating the high season. If you’re fine with paying higher nightly prices, then winter serves as a great way to spend a tropical holiday season.

Planning your ocean activities

When planning what time of year you want to visit, you might want to consider what water activities you plan on partaking in during your stay. This is because, thought the ocean itself tends to be pretty clear year round, it doesn’t always offer the most suitable swimming and snorkeling conditions. This is because during the winter months, the island experiences a higher volume of wind. This wind not only affects the palm trees on the beach and the hat on your head, but the waves as well. With high waves also tend to come stronger currents, making swimming not only more difficult, but dangerous as well.

Planning an island escape is not only fun, but a little nerve wrecking as well. If you find yourself questioning what time of year to visit, just remember to plan your visit based on the weather and the resort nightly rates, as they do change throughout the year.

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