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When in Italy, how can you not visit Rome? This particular trip lasted 10 days, 3 of which we spent in Rome.

Before coming to Rome we didn’t have a plan on what to see or what to do. We visited most of the well known places Rome has to offer but also wandered around the city. We walked everywhere – and I mean everywhere. Therefore we saw a lot of hidden gems a bit further away from the touristy areas. At the end of the video you have the option to choose to explore 3 locations up close – the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and an awesome park that we named “Epic Park”. All of there things are big parts of the city and its culture and I tried to show as much of them as I could. My intention here is for people, who have never been to Rome, to feel as if they have visited this ancient city. What better way to do it than through a video?

This was my first time visiting Rome and the city exceeded my expectations. I was expecting it to feel more like a big city, but it didn’t. As I mentioned before, we stayed in Rome for 3 days and I think it’s enough to explore the Old Town part of Rome. Obviously if you want to explore the outskirts, a lot of its restaurants and cafes, then you’d need years for that.

If I would choose one thing that impressed me the most it would be the Roman Forum. I don’t really enjoy touristy places, but visiting this one was very delightful and I’m very happy I did it.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of interaction with the locals because I spent all of my time walking. So the only times when I did would be at restaurants or with some merchants on the street.

I would definitely return to Rome. When I was exploring the city I couldn’t stop thinking, but if I wanted to settle down in Europe for some time, this would be one of the cities I’d be considering. Really nice place!

This trip also included stops in Milan, Venice, Siena, Ornieto. Videos from some of these cities can be found on my Youtube chanel. I’m really thankful for for their contribution to this trip. You can follow me on my personal website or my Instagram where I post the best moments from my trips.

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