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Want to Feel the Buzz? These Places in Europe Have All The Adventure You Need

While architecture, cuisine, natural beauty, romanticism and whimsical experiences are closely associated with a European getaway, the continent also offers a lot to appease the adventurous side of you. There is no dearth of adventure activities in Europe for you to get your adrenaline rush, all amidst a beautiful setting.

If you are looking for adventure, and then some, look no further than these European cities.

  1. Cappadocia, Turkey

A vast expanse or ruins, rendered so after years of wind and volcanic erosion leaving fairy pillar like structures, shadowed by a hundred balloons floating in the sky.

Paints a pretty picture right? When you visit Cappadocia, you’ll realize how much words fail to describe its unique beauty.


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Cappadocia in Turkey combines natural beauty with a thrilling adventure. Result- a beautiful hot air balloon ride over the city.

There are other adventure activities beside the hot air balloon ride that make Cappadocia a perfect adventurous getaway. The city has many hiking trails that reveal unique geological sites including honeycombed caves. You can also explore some underground cities in Cappadocia that date back to the prehistoric period.

  1. Highlands, Scotland

While Scotland is famous for its architectural prowess and scenic beauty, there is a thrilling adventure waiting for you at the rugged Scottish Highlands.

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A perfect blend of adventure and culture, the Highlands are worth a visit despite their remoteness. The highlands promise many thrilling activities- discover the unexplored terrains by bike or set out to hike through the land. You can also set out for a boating adventure, but more on that later. Hike up the Scottish peaks to visit the ruins of Urquhart Castle.

Land adventures are not the only activities you get offered in Scottish highlands. They have previously hosted two surfing competitions. So if water sports are your thing, you can still visit here and go kayaking, canoeing, surfing or swimming in the highland waters.

  1. Tarifa, Spain

Tarifa isn’t called the adventure capital of Europe’ for nothing. The small Spanish beach town has a vast possibility and activities for adventure seekers. Anything from mountain adventures to extreme water sports are popular here.


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The fans of water sports can go kitesurfing, windsurfing, scuba diving or tame the roaring waves. If land based sports are more like your thing, there are many options to choose from. The rocky hills and inland features are ideal for rock climbing, trekking and mountain biking.

However, if extreme sports is not what you are seeking, there is a vast scope for you to set out for outdoor activities like hiking through the town, bird watching or whale watching on a cruise.

  1. The Dolomites, Italy

Experience an alpine adventure in Northern Italy’s Dolomites range. Popular among thrill seekers, the region has everything you could dream of for your European adventure- hiking trails, high peaks, glaciers, lakes, whimsical villages and strong cultural roots.


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While hikers throng the region during the summers to scale the trails and explore new troves, winter time also sees many tourists skiing and snowboarding through the snow laden grounds.

After a day of strenuous activities, you can feast on a scrumptious meal at one of the villages’ small restaurants and get a better sense of the local culture. An interaction with the village folks may also bring up local places that you must visit and what you can expect to do there.

  1. Interlaken, Switzerland

With virtually no limit to what it has to offer, the UNESCO Heritage Site sets the hearts of thrill seekers beating fast.

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Boasting of a fairytale landscape, snow covered peaks and alpine lakes, Interlaken is home to two of Europe’s most famous adventure destinations, namely Jungfrau and the biggest glacier in the Alps- Aletsch glacier.

Prepare to hike up the rugged and challenging terrain or trek your way to get to the mountain peaks and glaciers. If you aren’t up for that strenuous adventure, just hop onto the Jungfraubahn train.

From extreme sports like skydiving to paragliding, hangliding to bungee jumping to the more tame sports like snowboarding and horseback riding, Interlaken is the stuff of your thrill seeking dreams.


No matter where you go in Europe, there is no end to the adventure. Be it the peaks of France, the beach towns of Spain, villages of Switzerland or the remote highlands of Scotland, exciting adventures await you. If you are planning your European getaway, know that there is so much more to the continent than ancient buildings and cuisines.

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