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Visiting the world’s beautiful flower fields

There is nothing more pretty and beautiful to eyes than stunning and beautiful flowers. Any time any day a bunch of splendid flowers is enough to cheer up any one and put a smile on their faces. Imagine if only a bunch of flowers can do this, then what a spectacular flower field filled with many flower would present to the people witnessing it? There are many such places all around the world where flowers blossoms in large numbers and are totally worth visiting. Presenting below are three of such beautiful flower fields.

  • Carlsbad flower fields, USA.

Not everyone is familiar with Carlsbad a seaside city in the California state of U.S. A small town with an amazing pacific coastline, there is something even more beautiful in the city and it’s the Carlsbad flower filed.  Facing the pacific from a hilltop, the entire area of 50 acres completely covered with pretty ranunculus flowers surely turns everybody visiting the place speechless with the very flowery view it present.  For the tourists, the place is open only once in the entire year during the best time i.e. spring. And hence, from March to May, the flower field witnesses people and several educational yours getting mesmerized with its beauty. In case you are wondering as to what the flower field will present then here it is. Along with Tecolote giant ranunculus flowers there are cymbidium orchids and a American flag of 300-by-700 foot that is made out of white, red and blue petunia. Quite a sight, isn’t it?

  • Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands

Dutch country Netherlands has always been known for its elegant culture and stunning scenic country side beauty. And, considering that it is no surprise that exquisite flower garden of Keukenhof is located here. If you ever imagined a flower field in your dreams, then this place is guaranteed even more beautiful than it. With more than 7 million flowers that are surrounded by big trees and small water body, Keukenhof garden is a completely delightful treat to the eyes. With an area spanning over 32 hectares, you will find 800 varieties of tulips in there. The entire place is divided by different garden styles which includes English landscape garden, nature garden and historical garden to name a few. In the spring time, Keukenhof garden is open to people from March to May with an annual flower parade on April.

  • Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan.

Located in Ibaraki, Japan, this place is spread over a huge area of 190 hectares. Amazing, right? 190 hectares of completely and truly magnificent flowers is something that you don’t come across every day. Here the flowers bloom all around the season with many in spring while others in summer and autumn. The major attraction here is blooming of nearly 4.5 million translucent-petal blue flowers in spring which are also famous by the names baby-blue eyes flowers. Apart from this it has over 170 varieties of tulips, million daffodils, narcissus, roses, zinnia and cosmos to name few main varieties among others. The garden also has a small amusement park and a Ferris wheel within it for the children.

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