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Visiting the fascinating and amazing zoos in the world

We all have our moments when we visited zoo in childhood. The animals and birds there always had our instant attention and it was one of the most amazing places we all preferred to visit in holidays.  Well, over the time zoos are no longer the places were animals are kept in cages. Today, it has the open-air exhibit and is more amazing with many new features. There are many wonderful and popular zoos at many places in the world, where it is something more than just witnessing the animals and birds. Let’s have a look at few such amazing zoos.

  • Berlin zoological Gardens, Berlin

Berlin zoological garden is one of the most popular zoos across the globe. The zoo is said to be one of the oldest in entire Germany and one of the most visited zoos in Europe. It officially opened for the public in 1844 AD and two centuries later it is now home to more than 20,500 animals and over 1500 species including several endangered species, making it having the most extensive collection of various species in the world.  It also houses an aquarium which is counted amongst one of the major attractions inside. Spread over 35 hectares, every year around 3 million people including adults, kids and researchers visit the Berlin Zoological Garden. Beginning from Knut, Giant panda, Red Kangaroo to Polar Bear and Penguin, you will witness many other rare species of animals and birds.

  • Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, Nebraska

The place is a complete entertainer and will definitely have you enjoying every time spent here. The Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium in Nebraska is one of the world’s best zoos and is also associated to many leading research associations. Covering a huge area of 53 hectares, the zoo is home to 17,000 animals and more than 962 species of aquatic and land animals and birds. Opened in 1894 AD as a Riverview Park Zoo, today, more than 25 million people visits this zoo annually. It also houses the largest cat complex in whole of North America, plus it has the ‘Desert Dome’ which is the world’s largest indoor desert and also the world’s largest indoor rain forest ‘Lied Jungle’. The zoo has many more fascinating features which ensures not only a trip to witnessing several species but also knowing about them in a fascinating way.

  • San Diego Zoo, California

Not every zoo has the charm and fascination like the San Diego zoo. Located in California, the zoo is in the Balboa Park, attracting million enthusiastic tourists every year.  Spread over 40 hectares of land, the San Diego zoo is the place where you will find more than 3,700 animals and 650 different species and sub-species. The place opened in 1914 AD and since then it has been the host to public, welcoming them to witness some of the rare and endangered species of animals and birds found on this planet. Unlike most of the zoos, here instead of cages the animals are kept in open-air exhibit. San Diego zoo is also one of the rare zoos which house the giant panda and polar bears.

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