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Visit the by-gone Era and the most ancient temples of the World

The planet ‘Earth’ is unique in itself and what makes it fascinating is the history that currently dwells only in the ruins and remains of once glorious architecture and civilizations. Today, whatever we know or are aware of is the result of studies and research of everything that has found from the ancient times. Every single structure of the by-gone era tells a new tale. The temples constructed centuries and decades ago portray the cultural and spiritual views of the people then. Today, these ancient temples through their remains have the attention of the world in narrating those wonderful stories. Below are some famous oldest temples of the world.


On the bank of river Niles, the Luxor temple was founded in the ancient city of Thebes. The exact time period is said to be around 1400 BC, making it one of the world’s oldest temple. At present, the Luxor temple is located in Egypt. Made out of Nubian sandstone found in those regions, archaeologists and researchers have found that the temple was of great significance during the ancient Opet festival. The structure of the Luxor temple depicts the three main Theban gods- Amun, Mut and Khonsu. Several wall inscriptions can be found along with a structure of Ramesses II inside the temple. Magnificently lit up at night, the Luxor temple shows the depth of the magnanimous construction and culture of the ancient Egyptian era. Today, a large of number of tourist travel to the bank of Nile to tour it and the temple in its all majestic way never fails to disappoint them.


In Greek, the ‘Hypogeum’ means an underground temple or tomb. A lesser known country, Malta is an archipelago in the Mediterranean. What makes this country interesting is it connection with the history and the hypogeum. The hypogeum of Malta is termed to be the only ancient underground temple of the world that has been traced back to prehistoric times. Carved out of rock, it has been said to become a necropolis in that period and around more than 7000 remains of individuals have been found during excavation and digging. Discovered only a century back in 1902, the structure has three levels. The lowest level and the deepest room is 35ft underground. Scientists travel to this place to study more about its acoustics. While it is a popular tourist destination, only 80 tourists are allowed to enter in a day.


Nubia in Egypt is known for being the home to one of the oldest civilizations and its history is estimated to be at least 2000 BC old. Located along the river Nile, Nubia is also known for the ancient Temple of Amanda. Termed as the oldest Nubian temple, it was constructed by Pharaoh Thutmose in dedication to gods Amun and Re-Horakhty.  Two important inscriptions can be found here dating back to the time of Thutmose’s son Amenhotep II. Later, during the rule of Akhenaten, the name of Amun was removed and destroyed from the temple. The 19th dynasty king Seti I not only restored the name Amun back but also made some new additions to the temple.

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