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Types of Travel

Travel gives unique experiences and new perspectives to life. Life is full of fun and enjoyment, if travelling is done in a well-planned way. Travel increases our knowledge and curiosity and we come to know about much new and different information such as cultures, traditions, art & craft, food habits, languages etc. It builds a strong bond with friends and family members. Travelling also enhances the thinking ability and gives chances to answer big questions of life. There are different types of travel which are as follows:

Types of Travel

  • Holiday Package

The holiday package plan is provided by travel & tour agencies, which make sure for providing beautiful destinations in best affordable costs like beautiful beaches etc. Spending good time with friends and family together having unforgettable experiences and sweet warm memories.

  • Weekend break

Sometimes it becomes difficult to enjoy the fun of life with friends and family together due to hectic schedule and busy routine work; therefore it is better to have some than nothing. Therefore if someone cannot go for long journey, then they can plan for weekend break.

  • Caravan Trip

When someone owns a caravan, then there is an option for cheap holiday and when there is a free weekend, then one can pack up and go for travel at beautiful places. One can enjoy the natural beauty.

  • Group Tour

The group tour includes mix of lot of people, who become friends, travel in group and have fun and enjoyment as well as they share their experiences with each other.

  • Meeting Friends & Relatives

Travelling to meet friends and relatives, gives lots of happiness, fun and enjoyment. Their love, care and affection adds a lot to enhance the relaxed mood.

  • Business Travel

Business travel is an official tour and all expense of this travelling is paid by the office but all the facilities provided are of first class like first class air tickets, stay in luxurious hotels though the choice is not of ours but even though it gives new learning experiences.

  • Event Travel

When someone travels for attending an event like Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup etc. and there one can enjoy the fun of musical events and where thousands of people are attending the function with full fun and enthusiasm.

  • Long term Slow Travel

When someone go for several months or years tours, around the world staying at each location, to learn enough for culture and traditions and thus enough fund and proper budget management is required for it to stay in hotels and look for cheap food and attractions. It is a lifestyle choice.

  • Gap Year Travel

The Gap year travel is a type of travel when one takes break from job or work or studies to study as a volunteer or study in another country and thus obtaining a working holiday visa is an excellent way to spend a gap year and one can earn money while studying in abroad in order to fund travels. There are many countries in the list which offers working holiday visas.

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