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Turkey- landmark of Eurasia

Once the land of Byzantine and Ottoman empire, Turkey has now become the critical point between Europe and Asia. This unique geographical concentration has left this Western Asian nation as the dwelling place of people both Asian and European in descent. The vast fauna and multifaceted culture has been attracting tourists recently. The best part of visiting Turkey is the fact that one of its air carrier Turkish Airlines serves as many as 262 nations thus making it a well connected country. Be it wildlife or monuments that are centuries old, Turkey is definitely going to leave a lasting impression in mind.

  1. Istanbul- One of Turkey’s best known city that has the distinction of connecting Europe and Asia through narrow straits. Also known as the European Capital of Culture, the city is full of architecture of the Byzantine and Roman empire. Some of Roman empire architectures that have survived are obelisk which was erected by Thesodius and the Hagia Sophia, the symbol of Byzantine empire
  1. Side- Though the city is named Side, this picturesque town cannot be sidelined at all. This is where excavated sites of Roman ruins can be found. This city also has several temples and amphitheatre of Roman civilization. The city’s beautiful landscape overlooking long beach stretches provide quality food and dining options in beach resort.
  1. The Grand Bazaar- World’s biggest fully covered market and now the most visited place in the world. If you are in the city of Istanbul, this oldest covered marketplace will surely won’t leave you disappointed. This is also a shopper’s paradise wherein one can buy carpets, gold jewelers and bracelet. And yes, this market place serves as a quintessential location for every movie shot in the city. Who can forget the thrilling motorbike chase sequence in the latest James Bond movie Skyfall?
  1. Ephesus- A major tourist attraction for those looking for well preserved Roman empire architecture. During the Roman Empire, the city had the temple of Artemis which was a wonder of the ancient world. Celsus Library that was built to store more than 12000 scrolls

Other cities that can be a great holiday spot for tourists is the city of Antalya along the Turkish Rivera in the Mediterranean coast. The maze like streets, beaches to swim and cafes to hang around, it also serves as a location perfect for family outings in Turkey. One can see the iconic clock tower while walking the maze streets.


Turkey can also be a foodie’s paradise as it has some of the best and widely popular dishes for people of vegetarian non vegetarian tastes. The Turkish cuisine like its art and culture has heavy Ottoman and Byzantine influence. Middle Eastern, Central Asian and Caucasian flavors too add fusion to the dishes. Things to try out include Yufka, Simit, both a type of bread that sesame seeds to add flavor. Olive oil is used to cook almost all dishes in Turkish and people usually like to start their day with cabbage soup.

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