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Trooping out of town with the family – tips to enjoy a summer vacation on a budget

Traveling with the whole family in the summer can be expensive. Very few people can afford to spend thousands of dollars on a Euro-trip. However, there are ways to enjoy you free days with your loved ones without breaking the bank. Plan ahead, settle on a budget and choose your destinations wisely. The following tips will help you organize the best summer vacation for you and your family without going beyond $1000.

Choose a destination wisely

Prior to doing anything else, you should settle on a destination. Make a smart itinerary and keep it as organized as possible. For example, if you’re planning on exploring Europe this summer, you should know which countries balance affordability with beauty. Eastern Europe in particular, prides with cheap but comfortable accommodation, as well as with magnificent attractions and places of interest. Poland, Romania, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia all have special deals for families that don’t go beyond $800 a package. These countries boast with magnificent culture, rejuvenating scenery, great entertainment and convenient lodging.

Off-season traveling

For many people, summer starts in June. Prices for dining and lodging sky-rocket and the activities are incredibly expensive for families with families with over 4 members. A great idea would be to hunt for off-season deals. At the end of August, prices will start dropping. A 7-day vacation to Bulgaria’s Golden Sands costs $1,000 per family in mid-July. However, the price significantly drops as summer comes to an end. With a bit of luck, you might score a deal at $600 at the end of August.

Stay away from hotels

Lodging at an exclusive hotel is a dream come true for many people. But for a family traveling with the kids, it can be a real nightmare. Prices are too high in the summer, not to mention that most hotels don’t include free meals. To save yourself a significant amount of cash, you should explore the alternatives. Rent an apartment with at least 2 months in advance, or check services provided on and These allow travelers on a budget to benefit from comfortable lodging at extremely convenient prices.


Avoid dining at restaurants

If you can’t afford to dine in restaurants, avoid them; stay far away from bistros in city centers too because those are the most expensive. In Europe, dining out will cost a family with two kids $100 on average. If your vacation is 7 days long, you certainly won’t be able to afford spending $700 on food alone. Save cash by cooking your own food; or find affordable food booths and cafes out the city centers.

Choose travel destinations with free attractions & places of interest

When planning a summer holiday, you are advised to pick a destination with lots of free attractions and points of interest. Museums, galleries and amusement parks are quite high-priced; especially in the summer. Choose cities with lots of parks, hiking spots, and attractions that are free of charge. Or at least, explore destinations that feature affordable city passes to help you save more cash.

Keep an eye on discounts and special prices

Europe is a highly-preferred travel destination in the summer. The activities abound, the attractions are spectacular, and the weather is really pleasant. That being said, many agencies will try to convince you that their deals are the best. Choose an offer that comes with a special price. Compare more than one offer, and decide on the one that lives up to your expectations.



When traveling with the family on a budget, you can always negotiate the overall price for a holiday package. Apart from bargaining with your travel agent, you can also bargain for better deals at flea markets when purchasing souvenirs.

As you can see, enjoying an affordable holiday with the kids is not impossible. Make plans with a few months ahead, and set some priorities. Taking the bus or walking can be a lot more convenient than taking a cab. Rather dine at restaurants, buy pre-packaged products to make your own food; or check eateries outside the city. Last but not least, have a daily budget too, and try not to exceed it. This way everyone will be happy and both you and your family will enjoy the best holiday without overspending.

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