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Travelling sites for adventure across the world

Travelling across the world for the satisfaction of adventure hunger is really exciting and daring task. There are many people in this world who love to travel in different countries for watching amazing and scare sites. It is not easy to visit those places without taking risk of life but still many people prefer to go there. While searching on the internet, you can see too many places on earth which are really difficult to reach without the help of special equipment and life support. These travelling sites for adventure are very attractive but dangerous too.

The adventure could be anything from mountain climbing to water surfing or visiting the desert of snow such as Antarctica. This concept of travelling may seem like a crazy thing for some people. But if you are reading this article with interest then it is sure that you are also an adventure lover. Various travelling sites for adventure always attract thousands of tourists every year. You can find those places in every country on world’s map. Just select the place, pack your travelling bag with essential commodities and start your journey. Here are some most exciting adventurous sites listed below which will blow your mind with their geographical conditions and beauty.

Travelling sites for adventure across the world are:-

Ladakh in the Himalayas

It takes lots of stamina and courage to visit this magnificent place. This scared place is situated in the mountain range of Himalayas. There are lots of places to visit in Ladakh such as Buddhist monasteries and passes of Stok kangri. This place is untouched from the modernization of outer world. You can enjoy the night camps and spectacular sunrises in Ladakh. The Pangong lake at the altitude of 4350 meters above the sea level is really on of the best places to visit. The highest motorable road in the world is also here at K Harding la pass which is 18380 meters above the sea level.

Spitsbergen of Northern Norway

Spitsbergen is one of the calmest and beautiful places of the world. This is a great travelling site for adventure which includes lots of activities. You can enjoy the ride of a snowmobile on beautiful landscapes on this place. The aurora hunting is also a great event to experience in Spitsbergen. Watching polar bears out of the televisions can only be possible at this place. In the nut shell, you can consider this place as a pack of adventure and mystery.

Angel falls of Venezuela

If you love to travel across valleys of thick forests and waterfalls like fictional character Tarzan, then it is a perfect place to visit. Angels fall is world’s highest waterfall with a height of 3212 feet. It is really unimaginable until you didn’t watch with your own eyes. This UNESCO identified world heritage site is a house of rich tropical wildlife. It is situated in Canaima national park which is a residence of over 1000 birds and animals. The months between Decembers to April are preferred to visit this beautiful place every year.

Adventure in Oman

For the adventure lovers of the desert, it is the perfect place to visit for watching desert life closely. Oman is a small country with great landscapes of nature. You can see lots of travelling sites for adventure in this country. It is an ideal place for trekkers across the whole world. Also, you can enjoy the mountain bike riding while visiting on. The ride of desert ship camel is very spectacular which is organized in groups by local tourism agencies.  Indian ocean is also a centre of attraction for various water sports. An adventure lover must visit this place once in life.

Iceland snow adventures

Iceland is not just a piece of ice only. It is the favourite destination for extreme level adventure lovers. Heli-skiing is the main centre or attraction of this place. it is not like the ordinary skiing on snow but you have to jump from the helicopter directly on ice. This adventurous sport is not for normal people. It requires a huge amount of courage, passion, and skills. You can visit here to watch beautiful northern lights and relaxing bus travel to watch the beauty of Iceland closely.

Cruise to Antarctica

Antarctica seems to be from an unearthly place because of its disconnection with rest of the world. You can only visit here with the help of a powerful ship only. It is the only place to watch penguins in their natural habitat. Camping on the most chilling place on earth is really a great experience. No one can disturb you here with annoying phone calls and internet notifications. Mountaineering in Antarctica is the most exciting part of this adventurous trip. Not everyone can dare to visit this lonely place with extreme climatic conditions.

You can consider travelling as a usual task but adventurous travelling is not of that kind. It takes lots of courage and daring to go out for an adventurous trip. You have to sacrifice your comforts and all safety while going out for an adventurous trip. This world is full of travelling sites for adventure but everyone cannot accept this challenge. The magnificent sites of nature are very beautiful while watching from the screen of your computer. But real adventure is becoming the witness of their greatness physically. Watching amazing pictures of these places on your screen has only become possible because of courage of adventure lovers.

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