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Travelling Plays An Important Role In Education

One of the best thing which a person can experience is his life is travelling.  Moving from one place to another place, watching out new people, exploring different things has always been a delightful activity for people. Travelling in our own nation or outside the boundaries of our country would always be beneficial in this process of education.

One cannot just understand things by reading about them in books. Practical knowledge about the topic is a must to get to know it clearly. The mind starts working and the picture stays in it forever once viewed from our own eye. This also develops our memory and thus, playing an important role in the process of education. Reading up of a book is nothing as compared to the conversation which is held live at that particular place in which the person got indulged personally.

A person may be educated enough with his/her qualifications in the field of education, but he/she wouldn’t have experienced how it feels living with different people of different habitats, people saying different languages, wearing different form of clothes, eating food which is totally different from theirs, following different culture, social rituals, and many more. That’s the reason he/she will have a narrow view about others. On the other hand, the people who have travelled across the world, have very broad outlook towards the life and will always think positively. The judgement level which they will make would be comparatively mature enough than those who are just confined to the books rather than travelling.

In the field of education, travelling is very necessary. If the subject of Geography is just taught in the four walls of classroom, then the students won’t be able to understand even a bit of it. But at the same time if they are made to observe the places with their own eyes, then their view regarding the subject would turn out to be totally opposite. The boring and dull subject would now be the most interesting and knowledgeable subject for them. Seeing rivers on a map are nothing but just some blue coloured lines, but when viewed physically, they can turn out to be much more than that. One can even relate the same thing with the subject of History. In the schools, students are just taught about the date of birth of kings, when they died, which battle they fought, and who their ancestors were. This turns out to be boring for the students as they just have to cram out dates. But if they would be made to see the precious scenes themselves, then they would never consider it to be a dull subject.

People today in our nation have started learning more and more new languages, which takes a lot of time to be a master in it. The quick and easy way though which one can learn a language is by living amongst the people who speak it, which would be easily possible by travelling across boundaries to new and different places which one hasn’t visited before. This would also broaden up the viewpoint of a person and at the same time arouse the feeling of peace and unity among different nations.

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