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Travelling Leaves An Imprint On Our Minds

For an individual it is very important to travel or view places which one has not seen before. Things taught can only be heard, one will only believe it when seen with his/her own eyes. The information which is given by schools and colleges does not provide full knowledge about the places as one has not observed them practically.

A person reading a historical book would not understand the deep meaning behind it as he/she has only read it while sitting at their respective places. Only the data which is read from the book is stored up in their minds, nothing else prevails. Today, people have started focusing on practical knowledge by visiting and travelling to new places, instead of just gaining bookish knowledge. The curiosity level of the people today have increased a lot and now they want to explore the things of past and capture everything on their own.

In the earlier days, the people could not travel to the places because there was lack of transportation system. But now, with the advancement in the field of technology, travelling has become much easier than ever. People can now easily travel to the places within a short period of time comfortably. Today the cost of journey is comparatively lesser than that of earlier days. Everyone has his/her reasons behind travelling. It varies from person to person. The most common reason is that the people who are burdened with their busy and dull life want some pleasure to get rid of their anxieties and worries. Moving and travelling to different and new places would be full of excitement for them. The writers have a tendency to visit a place personally so that they can write effectively and can express everything naturally. The businessmen are worried regarding the changes going around them in the economy.  They do not want to suffer from any kind of loss; instead they personally visit and make observations which would be beneficial to them in the future and at the same time securing their present.

Sightseeing is very common these days. A lot of visitors travel from one location to another for this purpose. Not only this process is pleasurable, but at the same time the knowledge gained from it is something big and fresh. One gets the clear and firsthand knowledge about that place which would be impossible to receive from a book or some other source. The great work done by someone can only be appreciated when we have seen it personally from our very own eyes or have felt its presence around us. The knowledge gained by travelling is practical knowledge, which is very important these days. Sitting at a regular place won’t transform ones thinking and opinion, it would always remain narrow and dull. But when, a person crosses out its boundaries and visits new and interesting places, the he gets to know a lot of things which he hasn’t even ever thought of. Knowing about new people, customs, languages and many more things.

The thinking of a person totally changes forever and would leave an imprint on his/her mind which would stay with his forever. Thus, one should travel as much as he can.

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