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Travelling is actually good for you

The very thought of travelling to a new place brings a smile to our face and we start doing mental planning’s and preparations for the trip. Travelling is important and essential for all. It is required to break the monotony of daily routine life. Travelling can be an eye opener for the traveler. When you travel on your own it means that you have left your comfort zone behind. Coming out of the comfort zone is a great achievement for any person. When you travel by breaking the comfort zone it means rewiring your brain and it breaks the old pattern of automation in life. Rewiring of brain also opens up your mind and sees things in an altogether new perspective. You become more aware of the present times. You start enjoying the present moment in life and enjoy what is with you at the moment. You learn more things about yourself while travelling. When you see the people and their lifestyles you become more empathetic towards them. You get an opportunity to interact with people of different communities and other religious beliefs. This changes the perception of yours that you used to have about the world and other communities of the society.

Travelling provides an opportunity to meet new people and a chance to develop new relationships and friendships with people of other parts of the same world where we live. When you try to explain the people of an entirely different language this gives you an opportunity to learn a different language, you also learn the sign language. It is well known scientific fact that our brain becomes more active when we learn foreign languages. It can be really an adventure for you to eat food cooked in different style and visit places where you see everything is done in a different way that you have seen earlier. It opens new frontiers in your mind and makes you realize that you are not alone in this world. Your vision and understanding of the world also increases lot.

Reaching a mountain top or visiting a temple in another country, visiting the mosque in some other country or visiting a church in a far way place is an altogether enriching experience. The feeling of achievement stays for long with you and it stays forever in the minds. When people are asked about the happiest feelings of their life they generally talk about the feelings which they had at some beautiful place. The world s such a beautiful place filled with so many things to see and enjoy that we should take out time and take the great feeling in going to such places. It is essential we experience the beauty of the exotic places and travel to different parts of the world to know more about the locality, lifestyle of people thee and their food habits. Traveling is in fact useful for all as it enriches our experience, broadens our vision and makes us a better human being.

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