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Traveling With a Child Abroad After Divorce

Divorce in itself is an unpleasant thing to happen but, you can’t stop planning anything wonderful, especially a vacation with your child. A trip abroad might be one of the best ways to cheer both of you and have a pleasant time holidaying and vacationing in an amazing place. Although it is not exactly a cakewalk for a single parent, here is the list of things you should keep in mind while traveling with a child after divorce.

Assure that your Child is Comfortable

If this is your first trip with your child after divorce then you will probably need to make sure that your kid is totally okay with it. Any vacation that taken before divorce or separation would have involved both the parents and hence the child must be used to having both of you around. The minds of kids work differently, ensure that they don’t feel uneasy and miss your ex. Any kind of such instances could actually spoil the travel plan and hence before going for any abroad trip, your child should be comfortable and good about it. It is not so much of a problem with a small child but, in the case of a bit grown-up kid or a teenager you would need to consider their mindset and consent too.

Make all the necessary documents and passports before traveling

Documentation problems are usually the major issue which one single parent generally faces while traveling with their child abroad. Foremost, it is very important that you take the consent letter from your ex before planning the travel and leaving the place. Taking the child abroad without the consent letter might land you in unwanted legal trouble both inside the country and outside it. Plus, if the kid is a minor you will need to follow the passport guidelines and plan accordingly. You can also consult your lawyer and take the needful advice or help to be completely safe in this matter.

Schedule and plan beforehand

Every legal thing takes time. You can’t plan an abroad trip today and leave tomorrow especially when you are a single parent after divorce even if you have legal custody You need to carefully program it beforehand, at least 3 weeks to 4 weeks before the departure date. Make sure that all the clause in divorce agreement related to taking your child abroad are totally fulfilled by you, so that you can plan the entire trip without any hindrance or problem. Planning ahead is highly advisable because in this you will have time in hand and could take care of any unwanted or unexpected issue that might arise, and wouldn’t have to cancel or postpone the travel or vacation with your child.

Be in complete charge and have it all under control

Journey abroad as a single parent is easier said than done. Till the time you actually reach your destination, you can never be sure of what crops up. Be in complete charge of everything including the security of yourself and your kid in a foreign land. While in our own country you are familiar with everything, abroad it might not be safe. Ensure that you have taken all the necessary precautions with safety and security. Keep contact details and photo identification with the child too.

It just needs some time and a few things rightly done to have an exciting and fun-filled trip with your kid at desired destination abroad.

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