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Travel around the world

They say that the journey of a thousand miles will start with a single step. Travelling all around the globe is on the list of to do things for many people. To travel is to learn new things, see new people, experience new cultures and broaden your knowledge. In fact, humility comes to those who have travelled a lot. If you just look into the biographies of great men who left an impact on the world and even continue to influence the world by their work even after they have left the world, you will easily understand how much they had travelled in their course of life.

Earlier when man started building civilization, there was no knowledge that the world was so big. The invention of wheels has contributed a lot to the development of human civilization. Slowly men came to know about the existence of other places where fellow human beings also reside and have a culture and lifestyle of their own. The invention of vehicles, ships and planes have made it easier for people to travel from one corner of the world to another these days. Today it is not strange for people to travel extensively for leisure, sightseeing, adventure and business purposes.

It is often said that reading and travelling are two important things one must do. If you spend all your life in one town or village it can be compared that you read only a page of the book considering the fact that the whole world is the complete book. The more you travel and see new places; it can be said the more pages of the book you have read.

Travel is an exercise which is required these days as an adventure or activity to refresh the mind. People go for a vacation just to escape from the monotony of routine life. The experience of visiting a different place brings change to the monotony of your daily life and it helps in infusing the much-needed freshness into the life. For the businessmen, the business trips are a part of their business when they must explore and find new opportunities for growth. For students, the reason for travelling can be to search for new places and countries where they find a better scope for higher studies and in the future scope of employment. The job seekers travel so as to find better jobs in developed countries or developed cities.

Whatever may be the reason for travelling, but travelling can be healing and widen your mind. You will come home being more intelligent, more knowledgeable and, in fact, more human after you go for travelling. Travelling brings compassion and patience in people. When you the world where people strive to earn a living, when you interact with the people of a new culture and belief system when you buy things in a place away from your native, when you eat food which is new for you compile lots of new experiences for a lifetime.

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