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Touring a truly remarkable city of Nizams- Hyderabad

You have heard and you have read, but not many know about this wonderful city of India which is also globally known as the ‘Pearl City’. Hyderabad is the famous for the legacy left behind its ruler Qutb sahi and the Nizams. The architectures, monuments and yes, the pearls and diamonds from here have found international recognisation. But then again, Hyderabad is more than all of this. The famous Hyderabad Mughlai cuisine and briyani, is one of the popular Indian delicacies that are most sought after. So, considering the charm of this city, here are the most astounding and famous landmark of Hyderabd.

 Golconda Fort

Said to be one of the toughest forts to conquer, Golconda was only won because of the inside help. Located on the outskirts of the city of Hyderabad, the fort was constructed at a height on the top a hill, hence the name ’Golconda’.  The fort was built in late 16th century by Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah of then ruling dynasty of Qutb Shahi. The area surrounding the fort is well-know for the mines and bought many riches to the rulers of Hyderabad. Very few are aware that the popular ‘Kohinoor’ diamond was mined from here only. Today, the once magnificent fort of Golconda is in ruins, but, the high walls, deep pits and the rocky structure stills portrays the remarkable and extraordinary history that the fort has witnessed over the centuries.


People from all over the globe can easily relate Hyderabad to two main things, one is the delicious ‘Hyderabadi Briyani’ and the other is the splendid ‘Charminar’.  Built in the late 1500 AD, Charminar is not only a famous monument but it is also a mosque. The construction of this spectacular landmark was also ordered by Mohammed Quli Qtub Shah. The fascinating thing about the construction of the Charminar is that nobody can exactly tell the tale behind the inspiration that led to building this wonder. There are many local legends and stories that provide the background of the Charminar, but the truth is still a mystery to the world. As the name suggests, there are four minars (towers), each at four corner of the main monument in dome shaped. In the night, charminar surrounded by the city lights and crowd is a view that will definitely steal your heart.

Ramoji film city

No, it has no connection with history or architecture, but then Ramoji flim city is making its own history. One of the most visited and famous film city of the country, the Ramoji film city is said to the largest integrated film city in the world.  It would take you more than a day or two to tour this extremely incredible place. Built in 1966 by Ramoji Rao, the film studio is also named after him. More of an amusement and theme park, the place introduces many amazing things like the Movie Magic Park, Adventure Sports, Studio Tour, Live Shows, and many more. Spread over a vast area of 2000 acres, every corner of this beautiful film city will have you hooked to it. And no, it is just not one thing, but quite a bunch of acclaimed things that makes Ramoji film city a true major attraction of Hyderabad.

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