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Top Travelling Destinations In Dubai

Dubai is one of the top rated travel destinations which are worth visiting. It’s glitzy and fun filled. There are many destinations in Dubai which are worth seeing which includes the sky scrappers also. Dubai is famous for sight seeing and attractions of tall buildings. The cultural highlights are the glamorous one. There are two cities one is Dubai old and another is Dubai new. So now the tourist can also get to see the old town in Bastsakis district.

Here’s The List Of Places Worth Travelling To In Dubai –

Burj Khalifa

The burj khalifa tower is one of the tallest towers which stand 829.8m tall. The visitors here can travel to the 124th floor through observation deck and this is a must see. And the bird’s eye view of the city is worth mesmerizing. The visitors can get complete view of the desert at one side and of the oceans on the other sight which is so beautiful and exotic. Don’t forget to buy ‘burj khalifa at the top’ entrance tickets. Night time visits are very popular especially the photography.

Dubai Museum 

Al- Fahadi fort which is built in 1787 is where the museum is housed at. The forts walls are held together with the limestone and coral blocks. The ceilings of the forts are constructed with palm fronts, mud and plaster. It was restored in 1971. It houses old maps, boats, Palm leaf house with Emirati wind tower. It features weapons of old times, musical instruments, Emirati life style, Peral fishing, Bedouin lifestyle etc.

Bastakia (old Dubai)

The quarters of bastakia was built in the 19th century. It was a home of the wealthy merchant who belonged from Persian family. The walls topped with wind towers are still being preserved. There is also a majlis gallery in which you will find some good old traditional Arab ceramics and furniture.

Diera Souks

In the northern bank of the Dubai creek is located Deira. It is famous for its traditional souks (market). The shoppers are available in the market all the time. Diera gold souk is worlds famous for its gold markets. And the reason is as simple Dubai is also known as ‘city of gold’. Here in the souks you can do many kinds of shopping from gold to clothes, jewelries and other items.

Diera spice souk (market) sells the spices and stocks which are over flowing with frankincense, cumin, paprika, saffron etc.

Dubai Aquarium

Dubai aquarium is one of the city’s largest and top travel destinations. It houses 140 species of sea life and has suspended tanks on the ground floors near the mall. It is one of the must see destinations which is so beautiful. Cage snorkeling and shark diving activities are also offered. There is also a underwater zoo in which you can walk and see the creatures.

Dubai Mall

Dubai mall is the main foremost mall which offers entry to bhurj khalifa and Dubai aquarium. The mall houses certain games, cinema viewing, ice skating etc. Shopping and eating are endless is the only best thing that you can do in the mall. There is a Dubai shopping festival which starts in the month of January till February which is worth visiting.

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