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Top Destinations to Visit in the Winters

Flying over oceans and continents to see a dream city or country is the most popular way of vacationing. Getting a stamp on the passport and booking online flights became a thing people took time after time from work and other responsibilities for. However, every vacation requires some planning beforehand. It is, therefore, important to know the cheapest time to travel on a budget; winter.

The development of the World Wide Web has not only made traveling easier by allowing people to book online flights and finding accommodation around the world with one, but also a thing of attraction and motivation for those of you who always thought of traveling as hard work. Sure, the internet will show you how beautiful the world is in summer, especially in Bali, Goa, and Australia with their green parks and aqua blue beaches but winter has its own charm. Especially winter in Europe, with Christmas and New Year’s festivals and events, is a great time to explore on a shoestring budget.

Winter Vacations


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The Christmassy atmosphere and New Year’s preparations are some of the top winter holidays. Thousands of people plan their winter holiday to places such as Prague, Copenhagen and even Tokyo for their natural retreats and winter festivals through travel agency London every year. Whether you have just a weekend off or a 14-day long winter break, there is a limitless number of places to explore during winter. Since the prices are really down and accommodation is quite cheap too, traveling during winter have a lot of perks.

Fairytales have winters

There is more to winter than blankets and coffee. There is something wonderfully magical and fairytale-like about snow-capped mountains, foggy mornings, landscapes draped in the pool of chill and tiny Christmas lights around towns that looks more like the World of Winx and Neverland. From sleigh rides through a breathtakingly beautiful and homely countryside, taking a midnight dip, sailing, skiing, heli-skiing, soaking in the Blue Lagoon, exploring cool volcanoes, snowboarding, snowmobiling or simply enjoying a lazy afternoon at an outdoor thermal pool or an ice festival. Remember, the cold doesn’t bother me anyway?

Just in time for Christmas

In the time around Christmas, most of the immigrants travel back to their country to spend the holiday of the year with their families back at home while others travel to places known for its Christmas festivals such as Disneyland, Budapest Christmas Fair, Santa’s Enchanted Forest or Santa Claus Village etc. Imagine strolling around a bright makeshift boulevard in Finland or Iceland or even Singapore, with a beer cup in your hand and the smell of freshly made chicken corn soup in the air. Doesn’t it feel like summer in December? Listed down below are some of the best destinations to spend this winter vacation at.

  • Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck is probably the best destination to visit in winter as it is known as the ski and snowboard capital of the world. Innsbruck will not disappoint the winter junkie in you. Instead, being the two-time host of the Winter Olympics, it is home to some of the greatest internationally recognized alpine resorts that will key your adrenaline rush

  • Harbin, China

The city of China is known for its world-famous Ice and Snow Festival. Held in Zhaolin Park every winter, the festival is the embodiment of Elsa’s magical power. Ice sculptures in the shapes of animals, plants, buildings or legendary motifs make up the magnificent festival. Apart from the Ice and Snow Festival, an indoor ice and snow art museum called the Snow Sculpture Exposition is held. People also travel for the ski resorts in Harbin.

  • Prague, Czech Republic

Prague comes alive in winter as snow falls over its breathtakingly beautiful peaks, cobblestone streets bright with old-fashioned street lamps. The beautiful Prague Castle looks like a scene of a movie. You can head to a local café in the old town to have a mug of hot chocolate and watch the snow throw a blanket outside. The tiny medieval town, Pearl of Bohemia, which will make your winter a little more movie-like with its spookiness.

  • Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania is known for Dracula’s fabled home, which you should visit in winter when it’s cold, snowy and spookier to enjoy the full effect of it. The medieval towns of the region are home some majestic castles, cathedrals and topsy-turvy villages, making it a winter wonderland. There are many ski resorts and national parks where you can spend a great winter at.

  • Edinburgh, Scotland

The majestic Edinburgh castle, topsy-turvy streets, and breathtakingly beautiful highlands make Edinburgh is one of the best winter getaways. The Princes Street Gardens looks exquisitely breathtakingly when transformed into a winter wonderland and so does Arthur’s Seat, which is the perfect place to take a snowy stroll and enjoying the beautiful sights of one of the oldest cities of Europe.

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