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Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations outside India

Are you thinking of having a memorable honeymoon that makes others jealous when they look at the photographs? Do you wish to have a honeymoon where you can enjoy every moment? Check out the top 5 honeymoon destinations outside India that are unforgettable and incredibly awesome at the same time.

  • Mexico- Mexico is the best location for newlyweds who wish to pamper themselves. Here you can find a private Jacuzzi that’s topped off with an ocean view. You can get a massage with oils and flowers, enjoy various spas and have a private dinner on a terrace under a moonlit night. If you wish to roam around then do check out the extensive golf courses, multiple swimming locations and amazing nightclubs. You should also enjoy dedicated archaeological zones, nature parks and museums.
  • Bali- Bali is suitable for adventure loving honeymooners as you can enjoy trekking, parasailing and adventure sports with your better half. The pristine sandy beaches and the sunrise view offered by Mount Batur are not to be missed. The best thing about honeymooning in Bali is having the opportunity to enjoy a romantic breakfast on top of an active volcano which really is a once in a lifetime experience. The air is musty in Bali and you can actually smell flowers when you breathe. The people are friendly and are eager to entertain you with their cultural performances, traditional dances and fascinating festivals. If planning for visit Bali book online hotels from leading online website like Travelguru, Musafir, Goibibo, Cleartrip and use coupon provided by them. For more offer and deals visit
  • Paris- Paris has always won the heart of romantics because of the ever popular Eiffel tower. But when you visit Paris you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the charming Rhone-Alpes region. You must enjoy a cart ride with your spouse and top it off with a sail across Seine. The Luxembourg gardens are also captivating and compel you to come back for more.
  • Nepal- Nepal is for mountain lovers. The country is very economical and you will have an enjoyable honeymoon here without overspending your money, even after you shop a lot in plentiful local markets. The country has many thrilling trekking trails that will directly lead you to the Himalayas. You can also enjoy adventures like river rafting and bungee jumping to have a good time with your partner. Imagine falling from the sky with your spouse and having no care in the world. A cool thing about honeymooning is Nepal is that there is no Visa required to enjoy the country.
  • Greece- Greece is a country that will be loved by honeymooners looking for thrill and peace in a single package. Here you can spend some peaceful time in exploring Delphi, the sacred city. You can also learn Greek dancing at Kalokerinos Taverna and enjoy the private wraps & massages offered by the luxury resorts situated in the Santorini Island. For adventure, you can go sailing, rent a chartered yacht, enjoy the sunset at Cape Sounion and have loads of fun at the nightlife of Plaka district of Athens. Don’t miss the ferry rides and snap up pictures of beautiful cliffs before you wrap up the exciting trip.

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