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Token of Love! 7 Best Indian Souvenirs That are Popular Worldwide

A visit to India is an enthralling experience that carves its path through a riot of colours, amazing scenic beauty and alluring smells all around. Known for its diverse cultures, India can touch and move you in a whole new light giving you endless opportunities to learn and explore. Well, after exploring this beautiful country, one thing that one should always carry back with them is a beautiful souvenir as a reminder of the fulfilling journey.

Following are some of the best Indian souvenirs that are popular worldwide and are well recommended gifts for friends and family. Read on to know all the details.

The Religious Souvenir: Ganesha Sculptures

Number of travellers term India as ‘The Land of Ganesha’ while roving across the country. One can find small to immensely large Ganesha statues crafted using clay or concrete anywhere and everywhere in the country. One of the most popular gift items among tourists, this souvenir is a great reminder of India’s spiritual beliefs. These are easily available in different regions of Maharashtra. Book cheap New Delhi to Mumbai flights via ixigo and buy some of the these gorgeous artworks in different materials like brass, bronze, wood and more. Also, you would be amazed to know that each Ganesha posture has some significance in Indian culture. For example:

  • Standing Posture: This represents rigidity and apt attitude.
  • Sitting Posture: The most common sitting posture of Ganesha’s idol is known as Lalitasana. In this posture, Lord Ganesha has his left leg in a folded position while the right leg rests on the ground. The resting leg represents his concern about the various affairs of the world and his blessings for the devotees.
  • Reclining Ganesha:  The reclining Ganesha idol represents luxury, wealth, prosperity and comfort.

The South Indian Souvenir- Tanjore Paintings

The ornate and limited form of artwork, Tanjore paintings are centuries old. Crafted with eloquent colours and twinkling gold, these paintings are a perfect depiction of various temples and palaces across India. You can find authentic Tanjore paintings in Tamil Nadu which is situated in the southernmost part of India peninsula.

The most popular designs of Tanjore paintings are as follows:

  • Chettinad Tanjore Paintings: this design of Tanjore painting is created with bold hues, thick lines and fitting shapes that are crafted to maintain a balance of every line in the painting.
  • Mysore Tanjore Paintings: these paintings have intricate lines, floaty brush strokes and beautiful portrayal of figures. These figures are mostly of Gods and Goddesses.

The Aromatic Souvenir- Sandalwood Products

India is globally popularly known for its renowned sandalwood forests. As a souvenir, tourists can grab some exquisite sandalwood products for gifting or personal use. Sandalwood body scrubs, incense sticks, facial masks, creams and more are some of the popular items. Sandalwood might not be cheap but is a wonderful souvenir for friends and family.

One of the best sandalwood souvenir as per my suggestion would be Sandalwood Soaps.

  • They are a great add on gift for relatives, friends and colleagues.
  • They are quite portable and can be managed easily while packing.
  • They are quite reasonable.
  • Their fragrance is long lasting and their touch on your skin is soft and smooth.

The Authentic Souvenir- Indian Curry Powder

One of the best traditional Indian souvenir is the curry powder. The authentic flavour and fragrance of Indian spices cannot be found anywhere else but India. Go for garam masala powder as it is versatile and can enhance the taste of any dish in seconds. Other popular spices that can be bought include, red chilli powder, cardamon, cumin, turmeric, fennel and more.

The Indigenous Souvenir- Handicrafts

Indian culture is incomplete without the gorgeous art and craft. Its rich cultural heritage is purely reflected in the intricacy of handicrafts, making it a shopper’s paradise. As a souvenir, choose from the massive range of these products crafted from wood, applique, metal, terracotta, silk, stone craft and more. Indian crafts has various categories. For example, the major ones are:

  • Clay Craft of India: Dating back to Indus Valley Civilisation, clay craft is one of the popular forms in India. Khurja pottery of Uttar Pradesh, terracotta crafts of West Bengal, paper pottery of Alwar, are some of the sought-after handicrafts.
  • Stone Craft of India: interiors of Indian homes are decorated with sculptures and exquisite figures with fine detailing and beautiful carvings. Bihar, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh are extremely popular for their gorgeous stone crafts.
  • Glass Craft of India: popularly comprising of products like glass lanterns, jewellery, lamp shades, chandeliers and more, the glass craft of India are manufactured in different parts.
  • Metal Craft of India: Dokra metal craft of Orissa, silver filigree work of Andhra Pradesh, brassware of Rajasthan among others are some of the popular forms of metal craft of India.

As a suggestion, check out local shops and buy this from local vendors at reasonable prices.

The Must Buy Souvenir- Ayurvedic Products

With its historical roots in the Indian subcontinent, the study of Ayurveda enlightens a series of concepts distinguished by balance and disorder, health and disease. Take along some ayurvedic products as a souvenir for your hair, body or skin. The top ayurvedic products that one can buy from India include, neem oil, rose water, triphala, clove oil, chyawanprash among others.

The Rajasthani Souvenir- Indian Puppets

Known as ‘Katputlis’, the Indian version of puppets are a great souvenir to take back home. These incredibly cute creations are a great home decor item and can be used as a reminder of your tour to the magnificent Rajasthan. When in Jaipur, pick these figures in gorgeous colour and beautiful expressions. These are the best buy for children. Other than puppets, you can also buy lac bangles, silk quilts, leather products and blue pottery from this city.

So, if you are travelling to India for a vacation or you are a local who loves the Indian culture, these amazing souvenirs are a great way to keep the cultural quotient alive and also for keeping those memories intact. We hope this list of products will help you to choose the perfect gifts for your loved ones.


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