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To do list for tourists vacationing around the world

Before you go out on a long vacation, there are certain things to investigate, take care of. Moreover it is important to make a quick list of your resources to and act accordingly.

  1. Essentials- Carry all your basic stuffs of daily use in one compact luggage to avoid spending extra on things of daily use. It is not a good idea to buy things like toothbrush and paste which can be carried along. Medicines should be the first thing to be packed if setting out on a long journey.
  2. Documents- Passport and other travel papers are your only valid proof of identity. Maintain extra caution while packing them in the luggage. Also furnish them only when the need arises.
  3. Numbers- Whether you are travelling with your family or you are all alone, emergency numbers must be stored in the phone book. All emergency numbers of the country or state you are travelling to can be easily found on the web.
  4. Translator- Nothing can be more helpful than knowing the local lingo. It can be done either by the use of technology i.e. use of apps or by learning key phrases, Some commonly used phrases that might come in a handful are: “Do you speak English?”, “Thank You”, “sorry”. Numerals should also be in one’s knowledge.
  5. Camera- What more can be more horrifying than missing out on a moment that could have been photographed. A good and fully loaded camera can lets you capture those moment of fun, adventure that can also be refreshed if captured in lens. And we don’t mean DSLR or high end featured camera, a digital camera will do!
  6. Roaming plan– With mobiles in every palm, it is imperative to opt for a cell phone plan. Reducing phone bills is as important as saving some bucks in accommodation. Speaking of phones, carry a spare charger and adapter too.
  7. Local transport use- Your travel planner will never suggest you to go for it. Public transport systems are way cheaper than rented cabs or buses provided by them. Some cities like New Delhi in India offer special tourist passes for Metro journey. Same goes well for London’s tube service.
  8.   Laws of the land- Some countries have laws and rules you would not like to mess with. And the best way to do it is by gathering information about them. Drugs and alcohol use tops the prohibition list of many countries of the world.
  9. First things first- Whether you want to step out as soon as you check in your hotel or you want to sit back and plan the trip- not deciding on this issue can spoil the rest of your stay. Also depending on the weather your duration of tour can extend too. Some places are toured and can best be enjoyed only a particular time of the day. Just in case you get stuck in poor weather, make sure your hotel has Wi Fi services to take you through those long hours.

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