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Tips And Tricks For Traveling Like A Local. Be Global Local!

Are you in love with travelling? If yes, then it makes you a traveller, not a tourist no matter how many places you have explored. You may probably have a vast bucket list of places you wish to visit. If yes, then we have a lot for you to complete your dream!

Travelling is not lesser than a desire for a few people, and its worth as it makes you feel lively! Travelling feeds our souls; we can explore ourselves, new places, new traditions, new people and a lot more!

If travelling gives you happiness and you are looking forward to travelling to new places then here are some fantastic tips, especially for you! If you are a traveller then travelling like a local will give you the best experiences and save a lot of money.

So our dear wanderer lets explore a few tricks and tips to experience the oneness and get immersed with every place!

Connect with the Local:

There can be nothing better than a homestay which saves so much money and help you connect with the local people. Local people are the freeway to learn about their language, lifestyle, tradition, and oh many more! Choose to book a homestay or a PG or a hostel over an expensive luxurious hotel.

They are the key to unlock all the city secrets. Save more by searching for local people who are ready to host you on the platforms like Couchsurfing.

There can be nothing better than holding a cup of tea and listening to the life stories of your host and adding few yours too! Just immerse in the serenity of the moment!

Local Cuisine:

Some places staple food are something you had never think of! But you will truly enjoy the taste. Few cuisines are truly delicious, so eat at the local restaurants, you can search on google or ask your host or the local vendors. Even if you don’t like it, at least try it will be an experience to share.

Ask the locals about their favourite place to eat, these places are very much affordable and give you the real taste of their cuisine. You will try unique things you never had before!

Local Transport:

Always remember the private transport won’t allow you to explore much. Moreover, there is a massive chance of guides scamming you. Go for public transport; it may be a comfortable ride in an auto-rickshaw, a metro hustle, motorbike for adventurous roads, or a city bus.

This will save a lot of your money and time; it makes it easy for you to connect with people and make friends. You won’t need a map or a guide much if you opt for local transport. Imagine having a friend in every part of the world! That’s the real essence of living!

Explore the Unknown:

You may have always come across the term “Places To Visit“, though these are the places which make the location worth visiting. There are many less known places which people unaware of. The real beauty of the place is hidden in its culture, traditions, local people, and the unknown places.

If someplace is known for beaches people get tan or try some water sports, stay in luxuries hotels and come back to home. But there is another side of the story as well. You can explore the small villages around these locations and stay in the jaw-dropping beauty of nature.

What can be more peaceful, relaxing and calming than a beautiful night with some music, stars shining in the sky and cold breeze passing and making you feel the moment!


Try the attire that place is known for it will make you feel amazing as you try something new. Some places have truly astonishing attires. You can rent it and roam in it! Click photos and post on social media!

Well, if you are a true wander or travel lover then here we have some bonus for you. Get all the necessary details, tips, do’s and don’t and more on the most beneficial blog for travellers like Global Local. Visit: and start your journey towards your dream!

So, what are you waiting for? There is nothing like a perfect time! Make a plan, pack your bags and head to explore things which are worth experiencing!

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