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The show-stealing temples of Bangkok

According to most of us, Bangkok is the place to relax, Thai massage, wonderful resort life, food and fun. Well, all of it is completely true and spectacular when it comes to spending holiday in Bangkok. But with all these, there is one more thing that defines the beauty of this place, Buddhist temples. In all there are more than 31,000 Buddhist temples in Thailand, but some of the best are in Bangkok. And, so here we are with the three most popular ‘Wat’ or Buddhist temples in Bangkok.

Wat Pho

When it comes to Bangkok, there is an evident presence of the Buddhist culture and monasteries. The temples here are one of the most beautifully carved shrines in the world. Even before Bangkok became Bangkok and was established, the Wat Pho temple existed, making it one of the most ancient temples here. Also known as ‘Temple of Reclining Buddha’, the place has the largest Buddha statue in the entire Thailand. Wat Pho is quoted to be the birthplace of the famous traditional Thai massage. In the earlier times, it was also portrayed as a place of Thai medicine education. Currently, there are 1,000 or more Buddha images in Wat Pho, and tourists visiting Bangkok are usually stunned by the 46 meters long and 15 high reclining Buddha image.

Wat Arun

They call it “Temple of Dawn”, and yes it every bit stands to its name because the first rays of the sun reflect off from this temple. With an amazing backdrop of river Chao Pharaya, Wat Arun is a temple that would just have you lost in its beauty and architecture. And if you think that sunrise from the temple is beautiful then wait till you witness the sunset. In the evening, the entire temple is lit giving an impression of gold at night, and the sunset from such a view is exactly the view that turns tourists and visitors speechless. Not many people are aware the temple was earlier named as ‘Wat Makok’ which in English mean “The olive temple”. The central bell shaped prang is as high as 80 meters and stands as a symbol signifying the mythological Mount Meru. A blend of both Hindu and Buddhist thoughts and believe, Wat Arun is a must visit place.

Wat Phra Kaew

Temple of Emerald Buddha, the Wat Phra Kaew is held to be the most sacred Buddhist temple in not only Bangkok but all over Thailand. The history of the place can be traced back to as late as 15th century and then the emerald Buddha finally being bought to the temple here in 18th century. Currently the temple is located in the precinct of the Grand Palace. There are many interesting fact related Wat Phra Kaew like earlier according to legends the temple was known as “Wat Pa Yia” and only the Thai king is allowed to touch the famous emerald green statue of the lord Buddha.

There is lot more than read and said, and only a trip to these beautiful temples can do justice to the beauty and grandeur spoken and heard. So, next time it is amazing temples of Bangkok that tops your exploration list here.

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