Whether it be the scenery, sumptuous shortbread or the sultry Scottish voice of Sean Connery –one thing is sure, Scotland has a lot to offer! Here are our seven favourite Scottish wonders!



Whether or not you’re a Hogwarts fan, it’s only natural to succumb to the beauty of the Jacobite – now featured as the Hogwart’s Express in the Harry Potter films!

As you sweep through the Scottish country side, soaring over deep ravines and through rich valleys, you’ll appreciate why this train route is the first wonder of Scotland.



A proud Scottish tradition dating back over 700 years: The Highland Games are a display of manhood and an all-round good day out.

From the Caber Toss to throwing the weight over the bar, The Highland Games are a fiercely Scottish affair.  With traditional kilts and stirring bagpipe performances, the Highland games are truly unforgettable.

  1. HOGMANAY- The Scottish New Year

Celebrate like a Viking!  Whether you make a splash in the ice-cold waters of Scotland during the Looney Dook or fancy firing yourself up in the Stonehaven Fireballs Parade, Scotland knows how to welcome in the New Year! Get yourself down to Dufftown for a spot of whisky and a delicious Scottish Shortbread: Hogmanay only comes around once a year!

For a unique ‘New Year’ experience, the village of Burgheadhonours the ancient Julian calendar and celebrates New Year (complete with fiery torch procession and ‘cask’-bonfire) on the 11th January!


Love it or hate it – we’ve all heard of Haggis.  A traditional savoury pudding, which combines meat, oatmeal, onion, salt and spices, all cooked in a sheep stomach. Delicious!

Haggis has long been established as one of Scotland’s national dishes – so much so that it even has a poem dedicated to it.  Renowned Scottish poet, Robert Burns’ wrote Address to a Haggis, complementing the unique Scottish pudding in his inimitable style.  Don your best Scottish finery and read this to the kids over a table of haggis, ‘neeps and tatties for a fantastic way to them to the national dish.


Originally a Scottish affair- Shortbread- is now a worldwide favourite. Walkers supposedly exported over £50 million of crumbly Scottish goodness in 2012!  Traditionally made of a recipe of flour, butter and sugar, it’s hard to understand why someone wouldn’t like this treat.


Scotland is the home to beautiful scenery.  From the majestic Ben Nevis to the mysterious Loch Ness, Scotland has a lot to offer for lovers of natural beauty.

With the Ben Nevis towering at 4413 feet, it’s no wonder that it attracts over 100,000 intrepid adventurers a year!

And if you fancy a challenge, then why not take part in the Ben Nevis race, which takes place annually?!  “Up and down Britain’s highest mountain”, the race dates back to 1937 and is still held on the first Saturday of every September!

If mountain climbing/racing fails to take your fancy… then why not seek out the Loch Ness monster?! The Loch Ness is one of the largest lakes in Scotland by volume.  And it’s impossible to mention Scotland without a mention of the legendary Loch Ness monster!

Despite numerous sightings being reported since the 6th century, with the most recent sighting in 2007 – the Loch Ness monster is yet to be found! Fact, fiction or fantasy – the Loch Ness monster is a mystery to this day!



Finally, you simply can’t mention Scotland without bringing up one of its most famous exports- the fine and unique Scottish whisky.

Scotland – the whisky country – boasts of over 97 currently-operating malt distilleries!  Annually, an astonishing 1.9 million people visit Scottish distilleries.  In particular, the whiskies originating from the Golden triangle of Speyside (including Glenlivet and Glenfiddich) have long gained international recognition.  Did you know: Scotch whisky accounts for over 20% of the U.K.’s total food and drinks export?!

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