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The New England Northern Tour: The Perfect Family Getaway

If you’re looking for a getaway that’ll suit everyone from grandparents to young children, New England could be your go-to location.


Because it offers a fabulous mixture of education at local history museums, plenty of wildlife, an array of sports, and an abundance of attractions. Find yourself riding high on a roller coaster before coming face-to-face with moose and falcons.

Staying at places like the Renaissance Marriott, you’ll have access to all of the fabulous family-friendly activities on offer. And to give you an insight into what’s available, here’s our top pick of things to do in New England:

Witness the Industrial Revolution at the Boott Cotton Mills

Located in Lowell, Massachusetts, the Boott Cotton Mills were a fundamental part of the Industrial Revolution. By the powerful Merrimack River, this huge cotton mill has been converted into a museum, providing you with a rather noisy insight into what these working mills used to look like many years ago! The museum’s also found within the Lowell National Historical Park, so there’s plenty more to explore on your day trip here.

Discover Breathtaking Views After Climbing Mount Monadnock

Reaching a height of just over 3,000 feet, why not have a go at climbing the world’s most popular mountain – Mount Monadnock? Every year, around 125,000 hikers make it to the top, and they’re definitely rewarded for their efforts. Once you reach the summit you’re presented with unprecedented views of the six states of New England. Depending on your fitness levels and the weather, you should allow up to four hours to complete the climb.

Save Witches in Salem

No trip to Massachusetts would be complete without a stop off in Salem to uncover the history surrounding the persecution of 1692 witches in the 1600s. Now referred to as the most haunted city in America, Salem’s dark history can be heard in a number of different museums. The gruesome details of the witch trial are told at the Salem Witch Museum, with the Salem Witch Dungeon Museum and Salem Pirate Museum enriching these stories. And you might also want to discover the areas maritime past, too, with organized trips or self-guided tours on the schooners Fame or Friendship.

Finally, for a bit of lighthearted fun while you’re in the city, head on over to Canobie Lake Park. Another location that’s steeped in history, this amusement park is over one hundred years old but boasts more than 85 modern rides, including the Yankee Cannonball roller coaster and the Corkscrew Coaster.

Spot Eagles in Maine Wildlife Park

For a day that’s filled with discovery, look no further than Maine Wildlife Park. Boasting over 30 different species, this is the ideal opportunity to see a number of animals and birds in their natural habitat.

A lot of the animals you find in the park have been brought there because they were orphaned, injured, or are human-dependent (having been raised in captivity, sometimes illegally). The park has become their permanent home and you’ll find everything from a bald eagle to a raccoon and a moose to a golden eagle.

Unfortunately, we don’t have room to go through each and every fun-filled activity on offer in New England. But hopefully the above has given you an insight into the vast array of historical, natural, and man-made attractions this stunning location has to offer.

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