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The Best Time To Greet Greece.

The best reason for us to travel to Greece, the land of myths, Gods and the Olympic games, is the ongoing unhealthy economy of the country. Of course who wouldn’t love to taste some Greek mythology if it’s coming cheaper than before. While some of the famous Greek Islands like Santorini or Mykonos are still pricey, but that cannot stop you from enjoying the left out epics the country has to offer.

Run for Paros or Skiathos, the peaceful quiet side of Greece and wander around sipping those ice- cold Mythos, which is now available for half the price. Don’t let your mind think that all Greece has to offer is an epic mythology, not at all. Pool parties and lip smacking super cheap shots, if that’s your kind of fun, then Ios is the island for you. Known for its all night raves filled with a young backpacker crowd taking the place by a storm.

Try the kebabs (souvlaki), the Sardonic Gulf island of Hydra has to offer. It’s the only spot that will offer you those mouthwatering, soft as silk, melting on the tongue kind of kebabs and you cannot find this experience anywhere else. Pirofani restaurant is the place where you will find all this drug filled food that will give your tummy and your thoughts the drooling effect of a delicious drunk food. Still the hunger in you is not satisfied? Sail across to Kefalonia, yes that famous place from Captain Corellis’s Madolin. Grab a slab of the traditional pie over there, filled with oozing meats and gravy and wrapped in a delicious blanket of filo pastry.

Let’s give you some more smacking reasons to fly down there.

1.) Dance all night.

Love music that makes you dance, then this is the right place. Plenty of music bars with free entry are available in Greece. It’s festivals and those amazing musical bars in Tilos, for the love of music, you gotta fly there.

2.) Greek Salad.

Priced at 4.50 euro, this juicy piece of marvel, filled with tomatoes, cucumber, onions and pepper is a treat for your taste buds. It’s too.long we had this salad in some other countries, how about have it from it belongs?

3.) The Ruins of Serenity .

Blow off your mind with what the museums down there have to offer. The Acropolis in Athens is one such place you don’t wanna miss. Treasures from the past, roaming around those artistic painted streets, wandering for no reason but simply giving your eyes a treat of their lifetime. This is all for free and it’s worth every penny that took you down there. Find peace in the ruins.

So what’s keeping you away. It’s too long we’ve seen this beauty only in the movies or the songs. Grab your partner and experience the romance it has to offer. Grab your buddies and experience the crazy night hurricanes it has to offer. Go get a smack of Greece.

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