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Ten reasons to visit India round the year

India is a kaleidoscope of nature’s beauty, rich culture and heritage. Diversity is perhaps the only word to describe the country’s climatic conditions, population, flora and fauna. From the snow clad mighty Himalayas to the serene sun set at Kanyakumari. The dense forests, blazing deserts to golden beaches. In heaps of reasons to visit the majestic land of India we pick ten of them.

  1. Hospitality- Few countries in the world can usher the kind of affection, warmth, kindness like the Indians do. A country that has long followed the tradition of treating guests and travelers as deities. “Atithi devo bhava” as they say, Indian hospitality can definitely leave everyone mesmerized and honored with gratitude. Add to that there are plenty of options to stay at- luxury hotels, heritage hotel suite to the more economic youth hostel, a hit among backpackers from world over.
  1. Cuisine- Talk of Indian cuisine and you can have virtually everything served in your platter. With strong Central Asian influence, Mughal dishes prepared by a selection of spices, some rare can be gorge on in the North India. Those not having strong stomach and living on the notion of Indian food being “to spicy” can move down South for lighter options. Food prepared on coconut, sesame oil and marine dishes can surely leave them any one asking for more. But the heart of Indian cuisine lies in its street food. Eaten once but never forgotten!
  2. Climate- India can be visited round the year thanks again to its diverse climatic conditions. There are places as scenic as Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh to get respite from vehement heat.
  3. Religion- The birthplace of four major religions in the world namely Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism, a pious individual can find the true purpose of life. Religion in India particularly Hinduism advocates on following the same as a way of life.
  4. Wildlife- A host of wildlife sanctuaries, aviaries, dense forests of Gir housing rare species of animals and birds. Need we say more?
  1. Literature- Sink in the treasures of Sanskrit literature and the Veda. Literature and literary sources in India dates back from 1500-1200 BCE that can satisfy a any voracious readers’ quest for knowledge.
  2. Architecture- Encompassing multitudes of architectural magnificence, the Taj Mahal in Agra, temples in Khajuraho are an eternal favorite. But spare some thought for mabny of the World Heritage Sites in states like New Delhi, Rajasthan and Odisha.
  3. Festivals- Celebrate every religious festival and life at large in India. Welcome the colors of spring in the festival of Holi. Celebrate the triumph of good over the evil on Diwali. And for once celebrate Christmas in Goa nd Kerala. Carnival anyone?
  4. Art and Culture- Artifacts of famous forms of visual arts and paintings have Indian roots. Indian music too is something one should be all ears about in the next visit.
  1. Spirituality- Explore your true potential by giving into the divine spirit of India. For it is an enriching experience to attend prayer sessions, volunteer for social service and strengthen the mental health by practicing yoga on the banks of Ganges.

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