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Take a vacation to lesser known exotic beaches

None of the travel destinations cheers us as much as the beaches. The sun kissed sands, sound of the ocean and sea, waves and the water makes us all take a vacation and just relax there. Given that the 71 percent of the earth is covered with water, it certainly ensures number of beaches and islands world over. And, we all definitely are aware of many of such exotic and spectacular beaches. While the famous beach destinations are known by almost all, there are still some lesser known beaches which are equally stunning and amazing but not explored and toured by all. So, here are some of the lesser known beaches and this time plan a visit to these hidden yet remarkable beaches.


Greece is a completely astonishing country with history, legends, culture and breathtaking scenic beauty all combined.  And it is in here that the marvelous Navagio beach is there. Also known as the ‘Shipwreck beach’ or the ‘Smugglers cove’, it an extremely stunning exposed cove on the coast of Zakynthos. Don’t let the name scare you from touring this crystalline water and sand beach which is surrounded by limestone cliffs. The beach is sometimes called so because of a smuggler ship wrecked here two decades earlier. Today it has turned into a tourist destination with tourists enjoying the view and the location of the place.


Europe has many famous beaches but it also has few lesser known beaches like Salema. Located on the southern coast of Portugal, Salema beach facing the Bay of Salema is now turning into a popular tourist destination. Earlier an old fishing village, the place is a complete treat for the people seeking a peaceful and relaxed vacation.  The water here is pristine blue and is known to have high quality standards.  With golden sand, clear skies and gentle waves, the place has its own charm with an edge of olden days.  Here there is also a dinosaur footprint embedded in a limestone rock. Well, it is something that you don’t get to see every day on a beach vacation. Owing this it is also a place of interest for paleontologists.


Thailand boasts of spectacular beach resorts and places. In fact it is one of the most popular destinations. Located in Tarutao National Park, Ko Adang is the second largest island there. Still unexplored in many ways, it is one of secluded beaches offering surprisingly beautiful coral reefs. Surrounded by the scenic beauty of forests and two waterfalls, the place is also famous for hiking trails. You will certainly enjoy campaign in here. The place also has a black sand beach to its north. Apart from this it also provides you with a remarkable scuba diving and snorkeling experience. The view of Andaman Sea from here is extremely splendid and while the coral reefs are not all touched, the sight of them is extraordinary.

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