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Take a Closer Look of Tibetan Culture

DharmaShala……don’t think that we are talking about a place where you can stay. Yeah!!! I can understand that the name of Dharma Shala sounds a little bizarre and making you confused about it. But here we are talking about the stunning place Dharma Shala which is located in Himachal Pradesh. The beautiful place is covered by cedar trees and add more shine to the beauty of this place. Whether you are coming here to take outstanding picture in order to create wonderful memory or wish to jazz up your mood, Dharma Shala is good for both kind of people. Here, we are going to inform you about the must watched places in the Dharma Shala. Have a look.

Kangra Museum:- Don’t think that Dharmshala has no museum. The beautiful city has must too and Kangra Museum is quite famous. The prominent museum hold a number of articles, Kangra Valley Culture, amazing Handicrafts, pottery and TibetanBuddhists and much more. Kangra Museum will take you back to the 5th century. Here, you will find a wide library having incredible books.

Kangra Fort:- People who love to explore history, must visit Kangra Fort. This fort belongs to Katoch rulers.  Here, you will find manywell detailed halls and watchtowers. Apart from it, temple is also in this fort. The fort belongs to the 9th century.

McLeod Ganj:- This place is known as the residence of the 14th Dalai Lama. If you wish to explore Tibetan Culture then you must visit McLeod Ganj. It got its name from Sir Donald Friell McLeod since he played a vital role to develop it. On that time, he was the Lieutenant-Governor of Punjab. Its located 2,082 meter above sea level. Here, you can grab the great opportunity about the handicrafts belong to Tibbbten culture.

Masrur :- Masrur takes you bake to the 8th century AD. The temple resemble Ellora caves in Maharastra. Here you can find a number of images of Hindu Deities including Lord Ram andSita. People having great firm in Hindu religion come here to take blessings.  It’s quite famous not only in India but all around the world because of its rock-cul structure. If you wish to go along with the 8th century, must visit Masrur.

Dal Lake (of Dharma Shala):- Saying this lake Dal Lake of Dharma Shala would not be wrong since it’s widely known with the name. It’s almost spread across 1 square kilometre. It looks quite similaras the lake at Kashmir. For spending quality time with the friends, it’s wonderful place. Visitors come here with their family to have more fun.

Namgyal Monastery:- It was  established in the 1575 by Dalai Lama. Namgyal Monastery holds a total number of 200 Tibetan monks and that’s why it becomes one of the most visited place of Dharma Shala.

I hope the above mentioned information is enough to lure to have a visit in Dharma Shala. So, what are you waiting for? Book your ticket and Pack your bag since it time to get refreshed. Have a happy journey.

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