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Some Of The Best Places To Travel On Earth

There are some of the best places were you can travel with your family and friends. These places are very reasonable and affordable. Not all places offer best attractions, excitement and thrill. Some tourist destinations and advertisements may give detailed feature of the spot being very good & interesting for family but when most of the family turns up the spots become very boring or not so as it was advertised.

Here are some exciting holiday destinations & best tourist spots which are worth travelling to –

Havelock Island

Havelock Islandcomprises of many beaches which are very beautiful and worth visiting. One of the best beaches which are worth seeing is the radhanagar beach. Then is beach no. 7 which is also one of the best places to see.

Elephant Beach

Elephant Beach is also one of the best places which you can visit. There are two ways to reach the beach one is through trekking in the forest and second is through boat. The price of the boat is 3000/- . Trekking through the forest and going is also good but as usual it may be very tiresome. But trekking is worth it as you can additionally see the forest also. It is always better to go with some guide. The trek is not difficult, and is suitable for all ages. The best part of the trek is just seeing the humongous trees. These tree’s you will not be able to see in India.  The sunlight filtering through these giants make the moments magical.

Disney Land

If you love cartoons then Disney land is a place which will mesmerize the kids as well as the parents and other individual. It is a fun filled place which includes many sightings and other fascinating trips like sail with pirates etc. You can also meet fairy-tale princesses and explore exotic jungles. Besides this, you can dive under the ocean and see the ocean world.

London Museum

Famous museums are Victoria Memorial Museum Calcutta, which has beautiful displays of British Raj paintings, illustrious events and Lord Curzon style specifications which is a must know. The Frazier history museum, London museums is some best places to visit. It has many things from prehistoric times to modern times. Its a few minutes walk from St.Pauls cathedral.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

It is the largest aquarium with different kinds of fishes and aquatic animals. Ushaka marine world, Baltimore acquarium etc. besides the tourist spots these are the main attractions of the places. It is worth visiting as you will be able to see many kinds of oceanic world creatures and including orcas and dolphins. This place is worth travelling to.


Dubai is another best tourist destination with a lot of options like shopping, fun water rides and lot to see and explore. Dubai has many tall complexes and buildings which are really worth visiting. It has beautiful shops of fabrics and perfumes. So if you are planning to travel to Dubai you will really have good time shopping around. Dubai is famous for many things including the sky scrappers.

Kaziranga National Park

It is also best tourist spot with tranquility and all wildlife. Most of the family trips reviews were a happy and interesting with kids getting fascinated with different species of wildlife which they get to watch. This place is worth visiting if you are an animal lover.

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