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Reminiscing Rome- two and a half centuries and counting

Rome- the city’s very name is synonymous with love. Derived from the Italian word “amor” which means love, the capital of Italy has for decades been a tourist’s favorite. Ironically this city also has a history of epic battle and glorified warriors. Nevertheless the city has loads to discover for wanderlust.

Think of Rome and the Colosseum is the first thing that strikes your mind. An amphitheatre of sorts, it was used for gladiator battles, theatre, reenactments. Rome for centuries has been the epicenter of architecture and palatial buildings. Roman architecture was in its prime during the Renaissance. The Piazza del Campidoglio by Michaelangelo is one of the best examples of Roman architecture. Some of the Roman architectures have huge influence by neoclassicism most notably the Monument of Vittorio Emanuelle II. Statues like the talking statue of Rome were built for people to voice their opinion.

Trevi Fountain- Rome is also famous for many fountains and one of them is the Trevi fountain. These fountains symbolize the Boraque art and have human sculptures which signify confidence and power. Over the years this piece of architectural beauty has its share of myths and fun facts. One should not be surprised if they see people dropping a coin in the fountain in hopes of getting their wishes fulfilled.

Leaning tower of Pisa- One of the world’s most peculiar structures, the leaning tower of Pisa is also one world’s wonders. The word “pisa” means marshy land.

Vatican Museums- The frescoes by Raphael and the sarcophagus of Junius Bassus and the Sistine Chapel can be considered the masterpieces that have collections of many art pieces of history.


The Spanish Steps- There is nothing much to do except to walk up and walk down these steps and yet this is a great crowd puller. A preferred spot of tourists for taking photograph and spending hours only because of the splendid atmosphere it provides when any one is in the city of Rome.

Apart from this place of tourist attraction Roman system of pilgrimage is also something one should give a thought to. Vatican City, the seat of papacy and a place confined to Rome is a place of pilgrimage for Christians residing all over the world. In fact Rome has been a centre of pilgrimage from the middle Ages since Charlemagne’s reign who was sworn in as the king. People visit several spots within the Vatican City and Italian territory such as the Pilate’s stairs. It is believed that the steps led to praetorium of Pointus Pilate in Jerusalem which Jesus Christ stepped upon during his trial. Several catacombs built in the Roman Agorae also treated as the place of religious practices wherein the Christians offer their prayers. Seven pilgrim churches are where people should go on foot to receive god’ grace. This custom was codified during the middle Ages in the 16th century. The Scala scanta is also a place of worship for Christian pilgrims.

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