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Reliving the romance in the romantic cities of the world

Of all the things that life shows us, romance forms a very integral part. The passion and love in the eyes of your partner says it all. While the people in love find many ways to romance with each other, there are some romantic places that just add more to it and spark it off in a never ending passion. Paris, Venice, Vienna and Prague are certainly counted amongst most romantic cities of the world. But, the list doesn’t end there.  There are many more mesmerizing and spectacular places to spend time with your partner. Here introducing you some of the lovely romantic cities the world might and might not be aware of.


Bordered by some of the famous beautiful countries like Belgium, Germany and France, Luxembourg is a small country in Europe. So here be ready to find a little bit of influence of the countries it is surrounded by. The capital city is named after the country as Luxembourg. Just in case you are wondering what Luxembourg has to offer to romantic people then here you go. The city has an amazingly beautiful location with splendid and elegant architectures. And in midst of these buildings, you will find some of the nicest and charming places to spark off the romance. You could begin with having some cozy time in the ambience of live piano music in a 1968 café, Café Des Artistes.  Next, the bridge Passerelle Viaduc offers some of the spectacular views of the city. Walk through the ruins of Pettingen castle and the beautiful Chateau de Viaden. Surely this quiet and charming city is one of the gateways for romantic people.



The capital of Italy, every one of you has dreamed of visiting Rome once. Till today the world cannot get over the history and the remains of an interesting and beautiful past of the Rome that still voices those magnificent times. For a romantic couple, nothing can beat spending time in this lovely city. Walking and exploring around the city of Rome gives birth to several memorable moments. Adding to this is a boat trip and splurging some quality time in presence of major attractions in Rome. The finest of Italian food and wine, and the best date you can ever have. Dance in an open concert with your partner and groove to the jazz beats at Villa Celimontana.  Toss a coin and make a wish in the famous Trevi fountain. The popular Colosseum, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona and many more combined with the culture and gourmet food definitely makes Rome a romantic destination.



This Spanish capital is famous for the Barcelona football team and the die-hard fans it has all over the world. Romancing in Barcelona is all about passion and time surprisingly well spent. Also the largest metropolis in the entire Mediterranean Sea, the town has both the coasts as well as the mountains. All pumped up and alive; Barcelona brings it all in one single plate. Dine and date in some of the marvelous bars and restaurants in presence of gourmet and delicious food. Feel the amazing night life and dance away with your partner in the music of the city. Take a yacht and enjoy a romantic sail in the Mediterranean Sea. You name it and there is Barcelona being the perfect host to every romantic couple.


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