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Rejuvenate your child

There is no doubt that children of today’s date are smarter than that used to be earlier and this smartness has become a cause of increasing competition. All these things have led to stress and tensions in your child’s life. Although being a parent we always want our children to achieve the best but meanwhile we forget that they are still very small for so much of stress. In a child’s life parents play a very important role and it is their duty to guide their child at every stage.

Although it is very important for a parent to take care of his or her child but today’s generation is more concerned about their professional life. Although they try their best to do their best in both parts of their life but still many parents fail in guiding their child rightly. If you are facing same problem then few things you can do to reduce your child’s stress and make them healthy and sound. They are:

  • Give them nutritious food: A healthy you depends upon the food you intake and children goes through a very sensitive age. So, it is important to develop healthy eating habits in them and this can only be done by parents. Give around 3-4 times fruits in a day and apart from them at least 3 times meal a day. This will make your child fight all the stresses.
  • Regular exercise: You can either make them do a bit of exercise or yoga as exercise helps in removing all body toxins which makes a body feel light and energetic and yoga helps in increasing concentration. All these together help your child energy to handle the stress lightly.
  • Make your child involve in outdoor games more: Because of mobiles and computer games children are confining themselves inside their homes but outdoor activities are very important for overall development. So, if your child is of similar kind i.e. prefers indoor games rather than outdoor games than push your child towards outdoor games so that he/she can develop interest in them.
  • Always sleep tight: Nights are very important and crucial time for everyone especially for children as they are in their growing age. When our body is in rest mode its blood circulation increases because of which body recovers. As we grow we start compromising with our sleep but for a child it is very important to take complete sleep i.e. at least 7-8 hours.
  • Teach Healthy habits: What a child learns in his or her childhood stays with him or her for the whole life. It is parent’s duty to teach healthy habits to their child like washing hands before taking any meal, or brushing twice a day and many more. These sorts of issues looks small but in actual today’s children are falling ill just because of lack of such habits and a care taker is a care taker. She will take care of your child but she will not teach such habits.

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