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Popular fashion shopping cities of the world

Fashion is something that most of us can’t live without and the thing that completely compliments it is ‘Shopping’. Yes, while there shopaholics, you can’t deny the fact that even though you are not of them, you do love shopping and can never resist a chance to go out for it. We have seen what shopping is like in our city or country but let’s now know about the best shopping cities of the world. And, never ever miss out a chance to shop in these cities, because the fashion here is followed by the world.

  • London

Yes, this popular and always active city is on every list including the best shopping cities. According to statistics and research London even beats New York when it comes to shopping. So, by now you must have got a little idea how spectacular London can be when it comes to shopping! From the likes of Mark & Spencer, Selfridges, Debenhams to Normal Street shopping, the city has it all. The latest in the fashion to the current vogue you will find them all at prices that fits every ones budget. From sophistication to cool, London has it all lined especially for the ladies. The main shopping hubs of the city include Oxford Street, Westfield, King’s Road and Covent Garden.

  • New York

There is always a buzz in New York and fashion in this city always has the attention of the world. It is one of the ultimate shopping places in the world and a favorite shopping destination of not only celebrities but for the normal people also. Trends in New York change faster than anything so you can always expect a number of many style and varieties in the shops and stores. Another eye catching thing her are lavishly built and elegantly decorated stores of popular brands which simple makes it impossible to tear your eyes away from them. Also the locals and the tourists love the street stalls which provide many fabulous chances of shopping at a very reasonable rates.  Some of the popular names in designer and fashion industry like Prada and Bloomingdales have the most amazing stores here. The streets of Times Square, Madison Avenue and Broadway welcome you to a spectacular world of shopping.

  • Paris

The city which is a symbolically known for art and romance is also the city which is birthplace of some of the most known designers, and hence you can definitely expect style, fashion and yes, shopping in a altogether new elegant way. Along with the modern trend, fashion here has a vintage touch that still woes the world. The fashion sense of people here only reflects their deep knowledge of fashion. From posh and uber cool shopping stores to lanes with local shops, both have people flocking them for shopping. The city of Paris is a hub of major fashion shows, and so it’s guaranteed that this city will always have something new for not only the shopaholics but also for the people visiting it. The main shopping places here are Rue Du Faubourg Saint-Honore, Boulevard Haussmann and Rue Des Francs-Bourgeois to name a few.

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