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Popular Destination in Deshnokh

Deshinok is one of renowned places of Rajasthan which has always in the news among the tourist because of lovely location and monument. A number of people all across the worlds just come Rajasthan to visit Deshnokh. And if you are pretty much passionate about historical places, then you must head to Deshnokh. Do you know why this place is quite famous among the people? If NO, then you are at the right place since we are going to some quite popular destination in Deshnokh. And one of the popular place is Karni Mata Temple.

What is All About Karni Mata TMEPLE:-

This different kind of temple as Rats are worshipped here. You may get shocked hearing this, but it is true. A number of devotees come here to worship rats. If you are going to visit this place, then one thing keep in your mind that don’t hurt the Rats as it’s considered an offence here. Rats are regarded as the incarnation of God. Apart from having a spiritual value, Deshnoke is holds a glorify history with itself. Deshnokh is just about 600 years old and its a fusion of 10 villages and that’s why it’s called as Deshnokh. 

attraction in this city:-

Though Karni Mata Temple is one of the major attractions of Deshnokh, but there are some other places also which help to lift up the value of Deshnokh like Karni Mata Museum and Sri Nehri Ji. Let’s come to know about it.

  • Sri Nehri Ji :- This place come in the list of the best tourist places of Deshnokh. Sri Nehri Ji is regarded as a pretty much auspicious place. Once Karni Mata choose this place to meditation. Here, you will find a tree which is quite 591 years old.
  • Karni Mata Museum: -Karni Mata Museum is situated opposite to the temple of Karni Mata. It’s quite beautiful and attract a number of people because of having outstanding flooring. Apart from it, you can find a wide collection of memorable pictures.

Not only because of holding a number of auspicious places but there is a wide array of place which attract a legion of people. Deshnokh is quite popular because of its dance called Ghoomar. It’s performed a number of Rajasthani traditional women. It dance belongs to bhil community. After visiting Deshnokh properly, you may head to various places like Nagpur, Ladnun, Khimsar and Bikaner. They are adjacent to Deshnokh and will take least time to reach.

Deshnokh is also known for its festivals and fair like Ganguar Festival which is celebrated with a great pomp and show. And Karni Mata Fair has always in news because of its significant value. This festival is dedicated to Karni Mata and celebrate twice in a year. Many people come especially to take participate in this fair. If you are making your mind to head Deshnok then you must choose time between November to February since it’s best time to visit this auspicious place. Whether you wish to make your visit by air, train or bus, all the three option are available.

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