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Popular and amazing festival happening across the globe

Festivals are always known to bring happiness and joy no matter where and when.  You can be in place or country in the world, but the festivals and celebrations there will always put a smile on your face. While it generally reflects the culture, traditions and customs of a place, festivals have no boundaries or restrictions for any one. There are colorful festivals, light festivals, music festivals and many several amazing ones that are being celebrated every year in many countries of the world. Amongst this huge list, there are few festivals that extremely popular all over the world where crowd from every nook and corner comes to together to become a part of the celebrations. Take a glimpse into these few marvelous festivals across the globe.


While playing with the tomatoes might not exactly have the festive ring to many people but yes, La Tomatina is the official tomatoes festival of the world which is immensely famous world over.  Celebrated and played at the Bunol in Spain, the festival happens in last Wednesday of August every year. Here a large number of people gather together and throw tomatoes at each and hence begins the tomatoes fight in a fun filled way.  Every since 1945, this festival has become an annual fascinating event in Spain. The entire festival is for around an hour, and by the end the entire town is painted red with tomatoes and tomato paste.  There is a fire truck which then cleans the participants with the water hose.  The fun and excitement that is felt by the participants is witnessed in their huge smile and the audience definitely has a show worth remembering every year.


Also known as the ‘Festival of color’ and ‘Festival of love’, this annual festival has its roots in India. Today, apart from India, the festival is celebrated at many other places all around the globe. The date of Holi is observed as in the Hindu calendar but is generally in the month of March. According to the Hindu religion, this festival is celebrated as a sign of good winning over the evil. Kids, youngsters and adults, every one celebrate it by applying color on each other and also make it more enjoyable by playing with water and water-filled balloons. Sweets and bhang are consumed by people as a sign of celebration. The entire day will have you seeing different colors everywhere along with all the people covered in them.


The largest festival of Russia, White Night celebrated in St. Petersburg also reflects the season of the midnight sun. It is an international art festival held annually with more than a million people both national and international becoming a part of it. The entire events include numerous classical ballets, music events, dance performances, international stars and opera. It starts in the month of May and ends in July. The whole time period witnesses crowd and the enthusiastic people attending several events. Another amazing thing that is center of attention in the festival is the ‘Scarlet Sails’, here ships with red sails and stunning fireworks on the river Neva attracts huge crowd.

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