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Planning Your Trip To Egypt

Planning a trip is a very important task. You will be able to enjoy your trip only if it is well planned. Let us now discuss the points to be kept in mind while planning a trip:


First, you have to choose your mode of travel. According to the distance from yourarea, you will choose as to how you will travel. Will you choose to travel by road or by air? Once that is decided you can proceed further to the booking of tickets etc. book your tickets in advance. After booking of the ticket pack your bags keep in mind that if travelling by air your Luggage limit will be 20 kg per person.And if you wish to travel by Travelling by road then there are a number of roads like Aswan to Abu Simbel,Aswan to Luxor, Sharm to Dahab, Dahab to Sinaiand Cairo to Bahariya. These roads are smooth and safe to drive and are in very good condition.

Travelling inside the city

Egypt is a very safe to roam about you can make use of the public transport conveniently.  Make sure that you have a city map and a tour guide of all the places that one must visit. To be on a safer side make sure that you carry the address and phone number of the hotel you are staying in.


In Egyptmost of the people speak Arabic. English is understood but not by everybody. The people in Egypt are friendly and will help you in guiding to be around the city in the best places.


The currency that is used in the country is Dollars/ Euros / Pounds. These can be used at most of the airports. Make sure you also carry the Egyptian Pounds (LE) as it is the currency that is used in Egypt. The banks in Egypt remain closed on Friday and Saturday so incase you wish to make any transaction make it before the two days. There are also a few hotels that will take the tariff in Dollars or Euros.


Make sure you tip in a very decent way in Egypt. Consider your budget before you decide to tip. Do not go over the board to tip as it can disturb your budget. In Egypt, whether you like the service or not you are expected to tip.


Study the regional dress code off the country. People in Egypt prefer to wear full-length bottoms or Capri matched with a decent upper or a t-shirts. You can also wear half sleeves wherever you wish to go. When visiting a beach you can wear anything that is comfortable to you. Make sure that you carry a scarf or a thin stole to drape over your shoulders in case you visita Mosque.Mosque is the religious place so make sure you follow the code of conduct of the place respecting the religious sentiments

Keeping small simple things mind and plan you trip practically will help you enjoy your visit comfortably and safely. Have a safe journey and enjoy yourself!!

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