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Passport Wallet – What do you need to know about Passport?

Passport Wallet

A passport is usually issued by a government of particular countries to its citizens. Passport Wallet Passport is donated as a travel document. It certifies the identity of the passport holder and nationality of the passport holder. Government Issues this document for international travel. It contains proper information on passport holders like name, place, and date of birth, signature, photograph, and other related information.

Now many countries issue e-passport. Traditionally, countries issued a non-biometric passport remain valid until their expiry date. A passport holder is likely to be entering the country that issued the passport. Passport does not give any right to the passport holder it only allows the person to travel freely from one country to another.

Along with passport some countries required to have a visa for traveling. Another condition is that any persons having any financial obligation, legal liability, convicted a crime or less age than required may not apply for a passport. If a country has a dispute with another country than it may prohibit citizens from traveling to that country. When the passport expired then it has no recognition. You have to renew it for a further period. To hold the passport carefully passport can purchase a passport wallet for the safety and security of passport.

Types of passport

Thereare several types of passport vary from country to country. Every country has its passport-type, pages, and definition. But there are some standardized format and type of passport throughout the world. Following are the types of passport:

  • Full passport: passport may be in the form of an ordinary, regular, or tourist passport. But the most common form of passport all over the world issued to an individual and other nationals are:-
  • Official passport: this passport is also called a service passport because this is issued to government employees for their work-related travel. Like a company issue passport for outside the company’s activities to their employees.
  • Diplomatic passport: diplomatic passport is issued to diplomats and their dependents for international travel. It does not accord with any special privileges. At some airport, there is a special and separate up procedure and point for diplomat passport holders. It applies to a specific country not in any country.
  • Emergency passport: it is a temporary passport issued to the passport holders when his original passport is lost or stolen. This is for a short duration only because it has a shorter validity than a regular passport and lapses automatically when applying for a regular passport.
  • Collective passport: this passport is issued to a specific group for travel to a particular place. This is issued to that group who want to travel together.
  • Family passport: this is for the entire family. There is one passport holder, who travels alone and with an entire family member. The person whose name is not in the passport does not use the passport for travel.
  • Non-citizen passports:
  • Latvia and Estonia: non-citizens in Latvia and Estonia belongs to the Russian or Ukrainian. These are not citizens of Latvia and Estonia but family members reside in the area. Thus, they have issued the non-citizen passport by the government of Latvia and Estonia. The government also issues other specific rights.
  • United States: the united states also issue a non-citizen passport under the tag line of “the bearer is a United States national and not a united states citizen”. Non-citizens work in US states and reside but not the citizenship of the US. Thus, they require a non-citizen passport.
  • United Kingdom: British law issue British passport to the nationals but not to the British citizens. Thus, issue the non-citizen passport.
  • Internal passports: it is issued by some countries. It also donates as an identity passport. It is used to control migration within the country. Some countries only issue and require an internal passport for internal purposes or for traveling outside but some countries require an international passport as a second passport besides an internal passport to travel outside the country.
  • Passport wallet:In modern times everyone wants separate pouches for their important documents. All the important documents such as passport and ATM, credit card, debit card, etc. Is kept by the person in a special pouch this pouch is known as a passport wallet. It is made from the finest leather which keeps our documents safe from water, rain, and theft. It is available all over the world in a different size, colour, and shape. It cost vary from wallet to wallet.

Benefits of having a passport: holding a passport offer many benefits to the individual. Benefits may be varying from country to country because some countries offer additional benefits and features with a passport. Some of the common and most important benefits are given below:

  • Serve as identity proof: passport serves as identity proof. Because it contains all the personal information regarding a person like a name, date of birth, address and photo, etc. It serves as a document. We attach the document photocopy as a proof with any legal form because it fulfils the condition of law.
  • Open destination: passport is a travel document. Having a passport means new doors of a new destination is open to you. You can travel anywhere if you have a passport. You may go for a family tour, business tour, and general tour anywhere.
  • Feeling of togetherness: if your friends and family members reside in any other country and you live apart from them. There is no chance of meeting in the absence of a passport. If you have a passport then you feel free because you may go at any time to meet your family members. If creates the feeling of togetherness inside you and your family members.

Documents required for applying for a passport:

Followings are the list of documents required to obtain a passport:

For a fresh passport:

  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of age

Fresh passport for the minor:

  • Proof of date of birth
  • Proof of present address

Reissue of passport:

  • Original old passport
  • Self-attested photocopy of first and last two pages of the passport
  • ECR/ non ECR page
  • No objection certificates
  • Page of observation from issuing authority
  • Page of validity extension

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