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With travel, packing is inevitable. May it be a single day tour or a backpacking vacation, you got to do some packing? Packing too much would cause unwanted problems like heavy luggage, exceeding baggage limit and many others. Packing too less also has its own list of cons. How to pack optimum? Here are the top fundamental rules of packing from professionals.

Principle of rolling

Though it might look different, rolling your cloth would save you more space than folding them. Moreover, when you are rolling your cloth, you can avoid a lot of wrinkles on them.

The rule of list

You cannot pack efficiently if you start packing a few hours before you departure time. You need to plan ahead. Make a list of items that you would need and plan your packing work. This would help you to create a whole list of things that you would need. This list would also stand as a check-list at last to avoid missing anything important.

The principle of baggage limit

Do not assume the baggage limit, size of the carry-in and others. Limit of one airline would not be the same as that of other. Are you taking an infant with you? Do you have a special need person with you? The baggage limit and other criteria would be different. Thus, it is always better to check with the airline about baggage details and other queries before you purchase the ticket.

Theory of 3.4

Most of the airlines would restrict you to carry any liquid or gel in a bottle more than 3.4 ounce. Liquid includes shampoo, oil, mashed potato, peanut butter, pudding and many others. Aerosol items, lip gloss and even mascara too. Thus, get in touch with the customer executive to learn about the items that are classified in this list and make sure that you are packing it within the limit.

Layer principle

Pack all the items in layers. This would help you to get items out of your pack without disrupting the package. If shoes are in one layer, shirts in one, pant in one and so on; it would be easy for TSA agent or other security agents to screen your items.

Essentiality principle

If an item is very essential or expensive; never put it in your check-in luggage. The airline might delay or lose your luggage. It might take a few days for you to get that luggage and thus, it is very important to keep your wallet, passport, a pair of dresses and others in a small carry-on bag.

Heavy and numerous bags would be a hideous stress creator. You cannot go on numbering and remembering the luggage, content in it and so on. With effective packing, you will be able to hold all your items in less number of bags and feel secured about it.

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