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Outstanding bridges that not only gap the distances but are utterly striking and fascinating

In our minds, bridges only connect two places and bridge the gap, but in reality it does more. While they are constructed in a way to meet the needs, they are designed in a way that will catch the eyes of the world. While some are unique in their construction, some are beautiful and some capture the area around them like no other thing. Let’s know some of the popular bridges which are known and iconic landmark of the places they connect.

Golden Gate Bridge, California

One of the most popular bridges, most of us is aware of and few of us are in awe of the spectacular Golden Gate Bridge. This suspension bridge is quoted to be one of the famous landmarks of California and is spanned over the famous Golden Gate strait linking the cities of San Francisco and Marin Country. The Golden Gate strait connects the San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean and the bridge is built over the strait. It is 1.7 miles long and was officially opened to the public in May 1937. And, ever since then the Golden Gate Bridge has became one of the most stunning and most photographed bridges in the world, making it enter the list of ‘Wonders of the Modern World’.

Tower Bridge, London

The next bridge in this list is the famous Tower Bridge of London. And, practically all of us have seen this impressive bridge in the backdrop of some or other movie.  Built over the River Thames, the London Bridge is one of the most recognized landmarks which have been iconic and the subject of poets also.  Opened more than a century ago in the year 1894 AD, the bridge is designed and constructed in such a way that it is connected from middle and parts in case a steamer or a ship comes, and joins again. The total length of the London Bridge is 244m and it has the longest span of 82.3m.

Howrah Bridge, India

The iconic landmark symbol of Kolkata, Howrah Bridge in India is one of the famous cantilever bridges. In a layman’s language, unlike most of the other bridges, the Howrah Bridge is not supported by any pillars or structures and is built projecting horizontally in air with support at end only. Built during the British rule in India, Howrah Bridge was open to the public in February 1943. Built over the Hoogly River, it connects the town of Howrah to the metropolitan city of Kolkata. The longest span of the bridge is 452.2m and it is the sixth longest cantilever bridge in the world.

Brooklyn Bridge, United States

The citizens of the United States, especially Manhattan’s know the spectacular emotional bond with this bridge.  One of oldest bridges in United States, the Brooklyn Bridge was constructed in the year 1883 AD and has been since one of the famous landmark associated with Manhattan and the country. It connects Manhattan and Brooklyn over the East river. One of the major tourist attractions, it can view the stunning skyline of the Manhattan city from the bridge. The total length of the bridge is 1,825.4m and the longest span is 1595.5m.

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