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Ottawa City: The Perfect And Secured Place To Visit For Any Women

Women have to take extra care while looking for a place to travel. Especially with the increasing sexual assaults and other crimes against women, it is hard for the women to travel alone in several places. It is not only the physical attacks, which make it difficult for women to move freely in a different location, but people can take advantage of a lone women, sometimes charging them more money.

Deciding upon things

A women must decide on several aspects, when deciding on a place to travel to. Will the place will be safe, will the women be able to walk alone at nights, will the place be worth visiting or not, are some of the questions, which you must ask yourself before visiting to a place. If you decide to visit to place, you must be aware of all the things in that place, all the dangers and all the safety protocols.

A suited place for the women to visit freely is Ottawa, Canada. The place is considered to be one of the safest places for women, and women can freely move in and out inside of the city. Some of the attractions inside of the city are as follows:

National Cultural Attractions

Ottawa cultural museums, galleries and attractions let the visitors experience the best of Canada’s in one place. They offer you a peak at the National Gallery of Canada and the Canadian War Museum, which contain world class art on display. All of these together bring the Canadian culture back to life for any visitor.

Parliament Hill

Parliament Hill is the most famous and visited Ottawa attraction. It is the setting for national celebration all year round, and the seat of the Canada’s federal government. Each morning during the summer months, the front lawn of the hill is the setting of the Changing of the Guard ceremony. In the evening, the public is invited and gathered in order to witness the magnificent sound and light show, which is a show of stunning giant images and spectacular lighting effects projected on the Parliament Buildings set to music and words. Both of the events are free to visit, and they are a must see for all visitors.

The Outdoor Adventure

Ottawa is considered to be a great place for all kinds of outdoor recreation enthusiasts and sports fans. You can easily enjoy kayaking and whitewater rafting on the Ottawa River. On top of it, you can also try bungee jumping. It is also a great dream destination for cycling enthusiast’s as it contains pathways linking natural areas, gardens, national sites and marks spanning over 180 kilometers.


Ottawa is also widely known as the city of celebrations, as it offers its visitors with a number of parties, special events and festivals all year round. On 1st July, on Canada Day, the city indulges in celebrating the biggest party in the country. Visitors are able to enjoy a host of music celebrations, such as the Ottawa Chamberfest, Bluesfest, Ottawa Jazz Festival and several more.


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